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Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Software Project Organization System

Software Project Organization System

In software industry, the major problem is meeting the clients requirements with specific to a software project development is the deliverables that should be promised to the client. The client standardizes himself to a contract and fixes a specific time onto the systems, when the project has to be delivered. Once the software development contract is signed, the actual task on scheduling the manpower and machine requirements arises. In scheduling the manpower and machine requirements arise. In a software development process, if the manpower is not organized properly then it can cause a great lot of have in reaching the targets. The major goal of any software development firm is to meet the targets as fast as possible with the least manpower, to get targeted profits. The other area where the software developments firm is development processes. The application training the bugs and their associated tescases that were developed previously also plays a vital role. The software project management solutions, is an application that kinds itself with the overall standards of managing a project at all levels of its development processes. The application is projected towards the maintenance of data that is utmost necessary to know the state and status of a project that is undergoing through the process of development. The major intension its to maintain the history of all the components that have been developed for a specific projects along with the associated information about the software engineer who has been involved in the process of development of that component. This type of standard always helps the industry not only in managing the Human Resources properly but also help to keep down the maintenance upon the system. The history of information also helps in keeping the standards of bug tracking and bug management much easier, flexible and faster. The project has been planned to be having the view of distributed architecture, with centralized storage of the database. The application for the storage of the data has been planned. Using the constructs of MS-SQLServer2000 and all the user interfaces has been designed using the ASP.Net technologies. The database connectivity is planned using the “SQL Connection” methodology. The standards of security and data protective mechanism have been given a big choice for proper usage. The application takes care of different modules and their associated reports, which are produced as per the applicable strategies and standards that are put forwarded by the administrative staff. Interested are with respect to the management of library with specific to the previous project.
Storing and ret reviewing of data like employee details, customer details, project details etc.., is complicated  And stored in different databases.
Ret reviewing details of the presently working software engineers, Team leaders and project leaders is slow and complicated and no security.
Data lost or data misuse can be happened at any level of development of project.
The development of the new system contains the following activities, which try to automate the entire process keeping in view of the system makes the overall project management much easier database integration approach.
  1. 1. The contract signed clients details are readily available at any moment when the information is necessary.
  2. The schedule of the presently working software engineers, Team leaders and project leaders can be known in a flash of a second.
  3. The generic schedules and the future availability of the man power calculation can take place in a short time.
  4. There is no risk of data mismanagement at any level while the project development is under process.
  5. The library search with regard to the previously developed modules will become much easier and faster.
  6. The associated relationship with respect to a module, component or element design can be found out very easily and very quickly.
  7. The application at peak stages can make the Bug tracking and maintenance to be more specific and more proper.
  • Branch Information Module
  • Employee information module
  • Project information management module
  • Package information module
  • Project documentation Module
  • Employee’s performance management module
  • Report designing module

Processor                     :            Intel Pentium 4 Processor with 700MHZ or more
Ram                             :             256 MB or more

Cache                          :             512 KB

Hard disk                     :             20 GB hard disk recommended.                               
     Operating system                         :       Windows 2000 SERVER
     Front End Software       :        ASP.NET

Code behind                :        VB.NET (Visual Basic .NET)

Validations                          :         Jscript

Back End Software      :         SQL Server 2000

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