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Thursday, 1 February 2018

Slip Forming Civil Seminar Topic

Slip Forming Civil Seminar Topic

Slip Forming Civil Seminar Topic: Civil engineering course put more attention to concrete and reinforcement while almost ignoring the major component like form work. No attention is paid to economic design of form work. Form work costs approximately 10% of the total cost of the construction projects but at the same time sheltering/scaffolding involves major capital investment.
slip-forming-civil-seminar-topicThe construction industry today lacks Engineers who can design a good form work system. There are enough Engineers to do concreting, reinforcement and a structural design but there are not many to improve upon the form work. The procedures so far have been mainly hit and trial at least for the smaller construction companies. In spite of being such a major capital cost component, no enough research has been done to minimize the cost of form work.

The increasing shortage of skilled carpenters, the cost of timber and economic disadvantages of economic disadvantages of traditional purpose built forms have made the use of SLIP FORMING is necessary. So that revolutionary technique called SLIP FORMING is in introduced. Slip forming is technique of construction using mechanized form work. Slip forming is process of continuous lifting of form work by a hydraulic system of jacks and pumps.
With the invention of slip forming technique and due to speedier completion of work by the technique, there are substantial savings in cost in terms of wages and interest. This technique has no comprises against quality control and Homogeneity of structure. The cost saving will not appear automatically just because slip forming has been used .This technique has a lot of scope for improvement. But it can be adapted for tall framed structure. For slip forming work ordinary concrete of equally M20 &M25, rarely M30. Generally Portland cement is used for concreting. Fast setting cement in special cases work during winter and slip form progress is chosen. After dismantling the slip form components it can be used for span more than 25 years.

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