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Friday, 2 February 2018

Ship Management System Java Project

Ship Management System Java Project

The ship management system is software that is globally implantable, integrated, an integrated system based on the workflow of the bus lines. Search online booking. This is a complete application, as well as the retailers. Providers of descriptions of available routes, dates, prices, etc. At the hotel, you can book a ticket, which is a 5 step process, which includes a vehicle search, select the destination, enter the customer details and payment.
The existing system: the existing one manually. If the client wishes to travel to the Ticket, he must go to the reservation, each one of the branches physically and the Ticket. In this case, the people in the subsidiary should check for free when calling the Office building, then only those people can reserve an income, which leads to an incorrect synchronization between the divisions. We will keep a record of all the details of your reservation in each department, but in the end, verifying availability and assigning places may be the cause of human errors. It is very difficult to keep the details of the reservation on each bus and the status of the manuscript.
The proposed system: the management system of the online software solution of the existing manual system of the ship that offers a high degree of flexibility to customers on the Internet. The customer can book a ticket according to their wishes, show information about the buses and their seats in the console very easily. Catch the gap between the various branches and ensure effective synchronization.
The proposed system is an administrator to manage the route, buses, and their schedules. This may be the right to inspect the activities of the application.
admin: the administrator can log in. As an administrator, you can add or change application options. The administrator can control and approve or revoke users demands. As an administrator, you can view the application. 
User: you give your views or complaints to your travel agent and the value of helping other people to trust your business to In-app links. Users can send feedback on the application. 
Conclusion: this system meets your requirements. This system allows the customer to publish its opinions, which is displayed in the references. This system will also provide the opportunity to cancel the booked a Ticket online. There are also a number of measuring the user satisfaction of the entire reservation.

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