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Thursday, 22 February 2018

Secure and Practical Outsourcing of Linear Programming in Cloud Computing(2011)

Secure and Practical Outsourcing of Linear

 Programming in Cloud Computing(2011)

Cloud Computing has great potential of providing robust computational power to the society at reduced cost. It enables customers with limited computational resources to outsource their large computation workloads to the cloud, and economically enjoy the massive computational power, bandwidth, storage, and even appropriate software that can be shared in a pay-per-use manner. Despite the tremendous benefits, security is the primary obstacle that prevents the wide adoption of this promising computing model, especially for customers when their confidential data are consumed and produced during the computation.
On the one hand, the outsourced computation workloads often contain sensitive information, such as the business financial records, proprietary research data, or personally identifiable health information etc. To combat against unauthorized information leakage, sensitive data have to be encrypted before outsourcing so as to provide end to- end data confidentiality assurance in the cloud and beyond. However, ordinary data encryption techniques in essence prevent cloud from performing any meaningful operation of the underlying plaintext data, making the computation over encrypted data a very hard problem. On the other hand, the operational details inside the cloud are not transparent enough to customers. As a result, there do exist various motivations for cloud server to behave unfaithfully and to return incorrect results, i.e., they may behave beyond the classical semi honest model.
Existing System:
              When we store the data in cloud then  that cloud admin also in some cases   hack the data and modified it  very easily. So that we providing this  proposed system.
Proposed System:
                  In this proposed system we are providing the security  in cloud area  by  using some  encryption  algorithms. When one client want to   upload the data  to the cloud he upload by using  one public key with encryption format. At cloud side  performance some operation   on that  encrypted text and send back  that result to client . By using decrypted key client   again decrypte the data.  By using this decrypted concept  we are providing   security in our cloud area.
Modules Of The Projects:
Ø  Resource Uploading:
            In this we  are uploading the  files into the clouds
Ø  Resource Downloading:
            We are downloading the files  from cloud   area.
Ø  Security module:
           Providing Security    in cloud area  by using encrypted technique.
Ø  View Files:
           User can see  different –different  files  which are uploaded  by the  different  users.
System Specification:
Hardware System Requirement:
Processor                    -    Pentium –III
Speed                           -    1.1 Ghz
RAM                               -    256  MB(min)
Hard Disk                     -   20 GB
Floppy Drive                 -    1.44 MB
Key Board                     -    Standard Windows Keyboard
Mouse                           -    Two or Three Button Mouse
Monitor                          -    SVGA
S/W System Requirement:
Operating System          :   Windows 95/98/2000/NT4.0.
Front End                         :   AWT,SWINGS.
Scripts                              :   JavaScript.
Server side Script           :   Java
Database                         :   Mysql.

Database Connectivity  :   JDBC.

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