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Thursday, 1 February 2018

Safe Water Technologies Civil Project Report

Safe Water Technologies Civil Project Report

This Safe Water Technologies Civil Project Report is about Safe Water Technologies. Now days, technologies are developing and there are many industries are introduced. Though the technologies are developing, however water also getting polluted with these industries. Hence, Safe Water Technologies are required to protect the water.
Water everywhere is increasingly being contaminated from numerous sources and this, especially in drinking waters is a major concern, due to the associated health hazards. The most common contaminants being suspended matter, mud, silt, algae, bacteria and other pathogens. Besides large bulk processing systems for industry, Safe Water in India also has special focus on small and medium water supply needs.
Solutions are offered for treatment of Municipal Waters, Surface Waters, Open and Tube Well Waters including source waters from streams, rivers, ponds and lakes for drinking water for Residences, Housing Colonies, Resorts, Villages, and Small Towns. Today, more than 1.1 billion people lack access to safe drinking water and 2.6 billion people have no access to basic sanitation. In most industrialized countries, access to safe drinking water is nearly universal, and is often taken for granted. This access has come as the result of massive public expenditures, though now more and more water supply agencies are being privatized.
Three main sources of water can be considered as substitutes for contaminated water: groundwater, rainwater, and surface water. Much has been written about these sources, so this chapter offers only a brief review, with key references.• Groundwater is largely free from harmful bacteria and fecal contamination, though a poorly designed or constructed well can become contaminated from surface water. To prevent this, wells should be grouted around the borehole, and finished at the surface with a concrete platform, with good drainage away from the well.


Thus, we can say that Safe Water Technologies has to be used protecting atmosphere and water pollution. Safe Water Technologies also protect human for diseases. Government has to supply the pure water for the poorest people in developing countries.

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