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Thursday, 1 February 2018

Repository and Search Engine

Repository and Search Engine

RASE is a web application developed for the students. It can be accessed throughout the World once we deploy it in internet.  Any student or alumni of that college can access the search Engine to know about any other student or Alumni of that college. It provides a good interface between students within the college and the students who have passed out. The students have to register themselves with all their details and they can view and even update their details in the later course of time.
Existing System:
          Many institution, college or university may need to maintain the information about alumni /student Vault of present and past students is not an easy job to do i.e. Most of the institutes are  maintaining student’s information in the form records or files manually. Even if the existing systems are computer based, they are not connected onto the World Wide Web i.e., web-based systems.
The following are the drawbacks of the existing manual System:
·         Scope for redundancy:
·          Time Delay: 
·         No accuracy:   
·         Enquiry of students information  becomes difficult
.Proposed System:
             In the proposed system we are mainly concentrating to overcome the drawbacks of the existing system. As we are developing a web application, it can be deployed in internet. So it can be accessed by the students and alumni from any where through out the world. Here students & alumni can share their innovative thoughts, knowledge etc.
·         Using centralized database.
·         Accessing of information becomes very easy.
·         Communication among present students and former students is easy.
·         Information sharing is easy.
Project Analysis:
             The System after careful analysis has been identified to present with the following modules.
1.   Administrator Module:
                      The administrator is responsible for adding the students. When any student submits the registration form, it is to be verified, after all the details are approved by the administrator, the student will be added into the site. The administrator maintains the passwords of Event Manager and that of himself.
Sub modules of Administrator are:
·  Manage Requests
·  Change Passwords
2. Event Manager Module:
             This module maintains all the information to manage purchases done in the company. All the purchases are recorded to database and can be viewed as a report that displays all the purchases made by the company.
 Sub modules of Event Manager are:
·         Add Events
·         View Events
 3. Alumni&Student Module:           
           The Alumni/Student can register themselves and after the approval from the administrator they can login into their account and can send mails, post queries, update their profiles and even search for other student details.
·       Mail Box
o  Compose
o  Inbox
o  Sent Items
·       Query Box
o  Post Query
o  View Queries
o  My Queries
o  My Replies
·       View Events
·       Search
·       About Us
Software requirements:
          Operating System                  : Windows Xp
          Technology                             : Java/J2EE (JDBC, Servlets)
          Web Technologies                : Html, JavaScript, CSS
          Web Server                             : Tomcat5.5
          Database                                 : Oracle9i
          Software’s                               : JDK1.5
Hardware Specification:
Processor                              : Intel P-IV based system
RAM                                       : Min. 256 MB
Hard Disk                              : 40GB
Additional Tools:
HTML Designing                 : Dream weaver Tool
Development Tool kit          : My Eclipse

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