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Friday, 9 February 2018

Remote User Recognition And Access Provision

Remote User Recognition And Access Provision

Well here we propose a web server that allows to take a photograph of the user as soon as he requests a session on a PC. The pc then transmits this clicked image through to the server without utilizing much bandwidth. The web server admin may now manually verify the person sitting on the PC. If the user is recognized as a valid user, the server machine now sends a command to client pc system in order to allow access to the system. This remote computer user authentication and authorization system can be used on a large scale verification and remote authorization. It is feasible to be used in secure system areas like government PC’s, military Pc’s and other sensitive company PC’s that need proper user authentication through remote admin. The web server needed to monitor and handle this system makes use of http request and response in order to interact with client machine. It requests a web cam click of remote user on any particular user as and when needed by the admin. It then requests the clicked image through an email server, since direct image transfer utilizes a lot of bandwidth. After manual verification of image at server side, the system sends command to allow or reject user access to the user for that particular PC.

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