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Monday, 12 February 2018

Remote DBA Alert Java Project

Remote DBA Alert Java Project
 Description        :
A Remote Database support service provides all the functions of a full-time Database Administrator (DBA) including monitoring, maintenance. The Remote Database consists of a central operations center and a Database Administrator (DBA) team, both of which are shared in order to support multiple clients on a 24×7 basis. It is used to provide cost effective, security, reliability and expert remote Database Administrator (DBA) services. It is hard to find a single Database Administrator (DBA) who has the breadth of expertise in all areas of oracle that needed. A lot of time and money is spend on hiring process. Remote Database Administrator (DBA) will manage the DB at a fraction of cost, of doing it in-house.               
DBA can access the database using carriers like TATA, Airtel, Hutch etc. Remote DBA alert systems will be most useful to the DBAs who do not want to be in contract with any one organization and wants to render their services to different organizations.

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