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Friday, 2 February 2018

Realtors Pro

Realtors Pro

This application has been developed with the core objective of addressing and to fulfill Real Estate Business needs. This application involves in managing sales book, Plot management, sundry creditors and installment details. The system will supports the following feaututes.
·         User friendly front end design using Cascading Style Sheets.
·         A multi level java script menu to navigate through various sections
·         Provides option to print reports
·         Different levels of access can be given to users such as Update, Read only access etc.
·         Customized report generation
·         Java script validations  and alerts where ever needed
·         Maintenance of Logs to recover database if any loss occurs
·         Column level sorting of tables
·         Easy to install and manage. Cross browser competency.
Existing System:
Here the existing system is a manual one. Every real estate company needs to maintain the details about all their ventures, plot details in each venture, sold plots, reserved plots and vacant plots. This company has to store the information about all the interesting customers who want purchase a plot. These people need to maintain payment details of the customers. Any real estate company has some list of employees then it needs to store the details about all the employees. Maintaining all these details in books and ledgers is a tedious process and generating the reports according our business requirement is a complicated thing and may prone to errors. Searching for a business record takes lot of time.  This manual system doesn’t provide any proper security for the information.
Proposed System:
We need to develop a software system, which computerizes each and every business activity of a real estate company and automates all the functionalities of a company. This system also is an interactive and user friendly one. The system is flexible enough to cope up with the changing trends of the company.
This system provides an easy way of storing all the business details at a centralized location (database) with proper security. This system also provides an easy way of user management, setting different access roles to users and changing the passwords of the users. This application helps in storing the customer details who are interested to purchase a plot. By using this application there should be no difficulty for the company people to maintain venture wise plotting information and their statuses. This system also provides a way in maintaining the sales and payment details of all the customers. It can also generate different kinds of reports based on different requirements of the company to know current business status and helps in taking the future decision.
This application has three modules includes
Ø  Plot Management
o   To View/Update the plot details
o   To keep track Sold, Vacant, Reserved plot details
o   To add new plots into database
Ø  Sales Data
o   To View/Update the sales book
o   To  sale plots or alter plot details
o   To track the payments made by customers
o   To make new payments installment wise
Ø  Reports
o   Keep track the reporting part
o   Various reports like sundry creditors, sundry debtors, sold plots, vacant plots, reserved plots, payments made etc
Software and Hardware Specification:
Hard ware Specification:
Processor                                :           Intel P-III based system
Processor Speed                      :           2.0 GHz
RAM                                        :           256MB to 512MB
Hard Disk                                :           20GB to 80GB
Key Board                                :           104 keys
Software Specification:
Language                                :           JDK 1.4.1
Database                                 :           MySQL
Operating System                   :           Windows2000/XP Professional
Browser                                   :           IE 6.0

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