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Monday, 19 February 2018

Reality Event Organization

Reality Event Organization

Corporate address book mainly developed for an organization to store their employee’s personal data. The System consists of various users like the Administrator, HR manager and Employees. Everyone have their own responsibilities.HR manager has the privileges to add/delete the employees. Administrator registers the employees and allocates the IDs for the employees. Employees can login and store their personal data.
Corporate address book is a system provided to the corporate adding, deleting, editing the important addresses. Keeping employees contact records up-to-date plays a vital role in promoting effective communications.           
Corporate address book is a system which provides the addresses and details of the employees. After registering with system, administrator allocates a personal id to the employee. Employee can store his personal data in that account. Employee has a facility to view an address book by category wise. Employee can modify his profile.
HR manager maintains the address book.  If any person joins the organization, his details entered in the address book. At the same time he may delete the employee from the system. He can view the details of the total employees registered to the system.
Administrator has very important role compare to other persons are working with the system. He can have a facility to view address book and details of all the employees and HR managers too. Admin has a right to edit the details of the employees. He can delete employee from a system. This is a system which provides full details and addresses of the employees are working in the organization.
  • Making records of addresses of the employees.
  • Making records of details of employees
  • Adding and deleting the employees.
  • Allocating ids to the employees.
Objectives of system:
The main objective of the system is to maintain a record of the addresses and details of the employees working in the organization. They keep update the document by adding and deleting the addresses and details. It will be available to the top to bottom of the employees.
  1. The job has developed with convenient modules of setting and editing of address details as per the requirements so that they can be implemented easily and productively.
  2. A comprehensive report generation technique is in place to put on screen the various categories of reports as per requirements.
  3. HR manager is only responsible for the performance of team, he doesn’t have full access. But administrator can view all records, this brings in security to the system
  4. Employees can view their profiles and also they can modify their profile.
  5. Employees have a facility to view address book and he will have a option to change the password.
  6.  Admin has a right to add new category to the tool and he makes available this option to the employees.
User Requirements:
  1. Setting and editing details of employees working in the different departments in the organization
  2. Employees can view his/her address book
  3. Employee can change his/ her profile and password
  4. The system runs on any platform
  5. A “Help File” pertaining to different possible queries.
6.      Employee can view by selecting category wise.
Processor              :          Intel P-IV system
Processor Speed    :         250MHz to 833MHz
RAM                     :         512MB RAM
Hard Disk             :          40GB          
Operating System            :            Windows XP
Database                          :             Sql Server
Server side technology    :            ASP.Net
Server side scripting        :             ASP
Client side scripting         :             HTML
Web-Server                :                IIS

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