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Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Projects Organizer

Projects Organizer

‘Project Organizer’ is a web application which can be view the information about the particular organization or college. It can be maintain the details about the college, which can be view the project details of the old students and best projects list.
In this application can maintain the old student’s projects list and abstracts to know the project. It use very useful to the student’s to take the project.
Problem Definition:
‘Project Organizer’ which consists of the information regarding project’s done so far. Projects can be searched based on several categories. It provides a platform for students to discuss their project issues.
Best projects of every year can be available. Guidance can be provided by the faculty through articles or information.
Existing System:
Present system is manual. It also maintains the user information in records. Which is much of time consuming process and more importantly it is error prone.
Limitations of the Manual system:
  • It is time consuming
  • It leads to error prone results
  • It consumes lot of manpower to better results
  • It lacks of data security
  • Retrieval of data takes lot of time
  • Percentage of accuracy is less
  • Reports take time to produce
Hence Computerization of the existing system is proposed. The new system completely removes all manual burdens and provide efficient on the entry system.
Present System
A manual system where students approach respective project guides, propose their projects and submit their project description. Students have to approach the library and search for the previous projects manually for guidance. There is no platform where students and project guides can come into contact and exchange their ideas regarding projects. The Guides provide the entire information and advice regarding projects to students individually as and when required by the student.
Disadvantages of Present System
  1. Maintenance of large number of records.
  2. Searching becomes highly difficult and tedious.
  3. No proper access to the outline of previous projects.
  4. Consumption of huge amount of space.
  5. Lack of classification of projects based on several criteria.
  6. The system does not provide ease of access to the existing projects.
Proposed System
The System provides a procedure of automatic updating of the database due to submission of project outlines. It provides a platform where the users can interact and thus guidance to projects becomes easier. Searching of existing projects for guidance is made easy through classification of search based on several criteria. A place for new ideas and suggestions is provided. Online submission of projects saves time and cost of material.
Notifications regarding dates of submissions, announcement of results etc can be 
Module Description:
It can be consist of 3 modules.
1.      Admin.
2.      Project Guide.
3.      Student.
Admin Module: In this module can maintain the all information about the old projects and discussion forum. It can be consists of the suggestion box also. Admin can provide the whole information about the project.
Project Guide Module:  In this project guide module can be maintain the guide details. When the student can be submit any post, project guide can be post the replay.
Student Module: In this student module can view the previous projects, at first student details can be maintained, if student can want to do the particular project, he can view the previous project details. He chose any project of the new project or if he wants to do the new project he can enter the project details.
System Requirements:
OPERATING SYSTEM                    : WINDOWS XP or Higher
IDE                                                    : VisualStudio.NET 2005/2008
FRONT END                                    : ASP.NET
LANGUAGE                                      : C#.NET
DATABASE                                       : SQLSERVER 2000/ 2005
Hardware Requirements:
Intel P4 1.5GHz or above
80GB HDD Minimum.

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