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Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Project Topics for the year 2018

Project Topics for the year 2018

Excerpt from New Final Year Project Ideas for Computer Science in java , .Net No List. We shall put forward the Idea, Ask your queries about how to proceed, we will provide guidelines. No source code offering No Abstract Offering. These will be Ideas that one can Implement. Just come and Enjoy the Discussion. Present your Ideas also

1. Voice Based Email for ( Blinds?)

The idea is, create a class in .Net with .Net SMTP option
Voice Authentication is enabled using a Simple Melfcc features.
Microsoft Speech SDK is integrated with the programming Language.
Set of Commands are reserved like "start" ,"subject","matter","send","delete". Activate Dictation mode not command mode.
Try to generate event when user speaks these words.
Create a simple textBox editor. When user speaks, they get typed over here.
A pushMail interface to read from your GmailAccount.
When you say "Read", should featch the mails in List box and read sender and heading.
With Up and Down command you can select a particular mail
its body will be spoken out.

2. A Distributed Learning System with Session Sharing, VoIP, Desktop Sharing, and Desktop Recording .

1) Students can view the teachers desktop in the presentation mode
2) Teacher can view and control a students desktop ( 4 sessions at a time)
3) Voice of teacher can be heard by individual students ( VoiP)
4) Students can not have voice communication with one another.
5) Teacher can view voice of the students one to one basis.
6) Teaching session can be recorded through a Desktop Recording

Platform ( .Net 2010 with C#)
Requirement: Socket, GDI, DirectX 9.0 and Above, RDP Protocol

3.Securing Computer Folders with Rinjdal Security Extension and Your Bluetooth Enabled Mobile Phone

Ever wondered what happens when people have password of your PC and reads through your Document or other important stuff? Protect it.

1) Have bluetooth enabled in your laptop or PC.
2) Write an interface to discover bluetooth devices.
3) With an Admin password authenticate the MAC address. MAC address of your mobile gets stored in Registry of the System.
4) Your application will start as a background process as soon as you start your PC.
5) In the configuration mode select a folder as your Working folder.
The program must have a timer to read contents of all files of all types including video of that folder.
6) The program implements a Handshake protocol with your device in every 5 seconds.
7) As soon as you go away from PC, it encrypts all the files of the folder and log off your account.
8) Soon as you Log in to the account, it searches for your Bluetooth Mac address. It prompts you with the password. If password matches, decrypts all the files.
9) If somebody else logs into your system, bluetooth device if any do not get matched, hence the application never asks for Password. 

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