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Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Project Controller

Project Controller

Project Controller is a simple, fast, accurate and easy to use with flexible options for viewing the essential details. The solution is best suited for individuals working on various projects, which helps to keep track of all the Projects and their Schedules. Project Controller also helps you to back & restore your work in a file so that you can always have a backup file to be restored to the application just in case you lose your data accidentally. You can add any number of schedules to be done for each existing projects using the Project Controller. In This system each schedule can be tracked from the start till the end of the Project cycle.
In the flexibility of the uses the interface has been developed a graphics concept in mind, associated through a browses interface. The GUI’S at the top level have been categorized as
  1. Administrative user interface
  2. The operational or generic user interface
The administrative user interface concentrates on the consistent information that is practically, part of the organizational activities and which needs proper authentication for the data collection. The interfaces help the administrations with all the transactional states like Data insertion, Data deletion and Date updation along with the extensive data search capabilities.
The operational or generic user interface helps the users upon the system in transactions through the existing data and required services. The operational user interface also helps the ordinary users in managing their own information helps the ordinary users in managing their own information in a customized manner as per the assisted flexibilities.
To debug the existing system, remove procedures those cause data redundancy, make navigational sequence proper. To provide information about audits on different level and also to reflect the current work status depending on organization/auditor or date. To build strong password mechanism.
We all know the importance of computerization. The world is moving ahead at lightening speed and every one is running short of time. One always wants to get the information and perform a task he/she/they desire(s) within a short period of time and too with amount of efficiency and accuracy. The application areas for the computerization have been selected on the basis of following factors:
·         Minimizing the manual records kept at different locations.
·         There will be more data integrity.
·         Facilitating desired information display, very quickly, by retrieving information from users.
·         Facilitating various statistical information which helps in decision-making?
·         To reduce manual efforts in activities that involved repetitive work.
·         Updating and deletion of such a huge amount of data will become easier.
The system after careful analysis has been identified to be presented with the following modules:
The modules involved are:                             
  • Administrator
  • My Workplace
  • My Project
  • People Finder
  • News
  • Forums
  • My details
The administrator is the super user of this application. Any body except admin cannot enter into this page. The admin can give authenticate to user & gives privileges that which portion they can access.  The admin can create new users. The administrator has all the information about all the users & about all the projects. There is two-sub module of administrator
This contains the information about all the projects i.e. project list, and also information about manager of the project, starting date and completion date etc.
This contains the information about all the users and role of the users.
My Workplace:-
This module is actual workplace for a member’s i/e. for authenticate users. In this module the users takes care of his project i.e. how many project he/she handle. I.e. all the documents about the projects, project activities, starting date & completion date of the project. And assign that to which team to develop which project, which is the project leader of this project, who is the programmer etc.
My Project:-
This module handles a specific project. In this new project can be added. This handles all the tasks of the project. This module is again has some sub modules
  • Details
  • Organizations
  • Milestones
  • Documents
  • nnouncements
People Finder:-
The main function of this module is to search the users associated with this application and email id of the users i.e. information about the users.
Here the user advertises its news. The users can customize the news according to his requirement. The user also creates links to any news page. The user can see expire date of the news.  This module has two sub tasks
  • Show Current News- This shows the current news available on that page.
  • Show Expire News- This shows the expired news available on the news page.
This module gives the facilities to the members to chat or talk to each other about any matter. Here any user can send message to other and also sending reply. And customize the messages according to own.
My Details:-
This module gives the description about the current user logged in. It shows the login name, role, name, email, and password of the login user.
Based on the given requirements, conceptualize the Solution Architecture. Choose the domain of your interest otherwise develop the application for Depict the various architectural components, show interactions and connectedness and show internal and external elements. Design the web services, web methods and database infrastructure needed both and client and server.
Provide an environment for upgradation of application for newer versions that are available in the same domain as web service target.
  • PIV 2.8 GHz Processor and Above
  • RAM 512MB and Above
  • HDD 20 GB Hard Disk Space and Above
  • WINDOWS OS (XP / 2000 / 200 Server / 2003 Server)
  • Visual Studio .Net 2005 Enterprise Edition
  • Internet Information Server 5.0 (IIS)
  • Visual Studio .Net Framework (Minimal for Deployment)                           
  • SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Edition

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