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Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Product Rating Based On Aspect Identification

Product Rating Based On Aspect Identification

Abstract-There are numerous free flow text reviews of various products across different websites. These reviews are very crucial from a consumer point of view to make a decision to buy the product or not and from the marketer or producer point of view to know the overall opinion of the public regarding the product. Keeping in mind the vast and verbose amount of reviews its practically cumbersome to arrive at an accurate decision of the product. The entities which are more talked about in the reviews and have an impact on the overall rating of the product is defined as an aspect of the product. Each aspect has a different opinion attached to it. In this paper we try to overcome this problem by proposing an automated system which gives rating for each aspects . We propose an algorithm which calculates the output most effectively with high accuracy.Product Rating Based On Aspect Identification
CONCLUSION:- In this work we proposed a hybrid approach, called ProRank, for mining online reviews which provides a set of aspects and estimates their ratings. As input, ProRank takes a set of known aspects and a rating guideline in addition to the review text for each item. It collects frequent noun phrases and then using known aspects it mines some opinion patterns from reviews to filter out non-aspects. It uses a novel method for both grouping synonymous candidate and selecting a good aspect representative for each group. Then we rate the aspect on being positive or negative. The rating of an aspect is estimated based on the sentiments reviewers expressed about them and the rating guideline provided by the reviewing Website. Evaluation of results supported our claim that using relationships between aspects can effectively improve the accuracy of aspect extraction. ProRank outperformed all of the comparison partners in terms of precision of aspect extraction. However, its recall is lower than that of those methods because of applying more restrictions for extracting aspects. We conclude that selecting an accurate method for extracting aspects depends on the type of the given dataset, the available supervision data, and the relative importance of precision and recall. ProRank also achieved high accuracy in grouping candidates and selecting representatives aspects. Finally, evaluation of rating estimation demonstrated the high accuracy of the estimated aspect ratings. In this work we used exact matching for mining opinion patterns. However, this method fails to handle similar syntactic structures and therefore cannot be generalized for unseen data. Using methods based on tree kernels is a promising research direction that can address this limitation. Another important area for future work is the consideration of implicit aspects, e.g., ‘weight’ in the sentence “This camera is light”. As discussed before, the need for manual tuning of various parameters makes the frequency and relation-based methods hard to port to another dataset.

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