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Monday, 26 February 2018



Are you looking for Prison management system for your final year project? We are here to help you. You can contact us
This system is named as Prison management system. This system is made to keep the records about the prisoners and about the guards. Jailor can log in as a user and can add the details of prisoners like name, age, address, crime and punishment.
Jailor can also add the details about the different guards that are on duty. Jailor can change attributes like time shift duty hours of guards.
Jailor can also write the First Information Report and can save it. FIR’s date, time, number and details can be seen anytime if required by the registered user.
This system gives the unique id to ever FIR as required and the prisoner number will also be unique. This system has one more user which is an admin. Admin can add the user(jailor) and delete the user.
All other attributes can only be changed by Jailor. This system tells about when any prisoner gets its punishment period over so that he she can be released. Prison management system can be implemented in every prison without any problem.
This system has the-the capability to maintain an infinite number of records.
It is very useful as the written papers have a limited time period and can get lost but in prison management system this is not possible as a backup file will be created automatically and also updated automatically when any change is made in any record.
There is no option to delete a prisoners record because it may be required later by the government to know any details about the person and can help in the tracking of the prisoner.
Moving on Further we will see the designing of the system and attributes of it on the principles of which our system does work properly.


Our system has two main interfaces one for Admin panel and other is for User which is jailor. Along with these, we have other interfaces which can be discussed as below:


Users data need to be registered in the prison management system so as to use the system and add the prisoner’s details, change the guard’s duty shift etc.
If the user(jailor) is not registered in the-the prison management system, he/she cannot do any task with it like writing FIRs, adding prisoner crime and punishment details etc.


After registration one can log in the system as the operator of the system on the behalf of user. After this, he has the other user interfaces available for further actions.


The first option that is provided in the prison management system is writing FIR. We all know FIR is First Information Report. All FIRs have unique complaint number, date, time and location.
A similar interface is provided for writing FIR in this system. FIR written cannot be lost and fast actions can be taken on the basis of it as it will be uploaded on server and others can see it.
In this system, FIR has all the options that are in the old handwritten system but is more secure as no changes can be made once the FIR is submitted and only the authorized users can see it.


The second option that is given in this is the one of the most important that is adding prisoner.
As soon as the  court declares that the victim is found guilty and tells his or her punishment and in which prison the victim must be kept, the prisoner will be sent to the same prison as told by court and all the details of criminal like name, address, age, criminal number, crime and the punishment all can be updated in the prison management system,
Then later these details can be used further and there is no option to delete the prisoners data so once the prisoner is added to the database, no one can delete the data of the criminal and it will be helpful as papers can get lost or can be theft but in this case information cannot be lost and there is no use of theft this data as no changes can be made in the database.
Prisoners data cannot be lost because the backup of the database is there and the backup gets updated as soon as the changes are made into the database.


The third important feature that is provided by this system is adding and deleting the details about the guards of prison.
As we know that the government keeps transferring the people for security reasons so it is important to know about the details of the guards in the particular prison.
Therefore, an option is provided to the user to add the guards if any new guard gets transferred and to delete the guard details if the guard gets transferred somewhere else.
The options that are asked during adding a guard name, age, address, shift and duty hours so that details of any guard can be checked.
If any guard gets transferred to somewhere else then there is an option to delete the guard’s details.


Now this prison management system is designed in such a way that it takes fewer resources to work properly. It has its own sort of minimum requirements that we need to take care of :
The system needs a minimum of 2 GB of ram to run all the features smooth and sudden.
It needs a minimum 1.3 GHz processor to rum smooth as less than that may create problems.
The system needs to be operated by some authorized person as wrong hands can make it irresponsible.
Rest is all up to the user’s usage will care for hardware
For security Antivirus is recommended.
The system is made properly and all the testing is done as per the requirements. So the rest of the things depend upon the the-the user and no one can harm the data or the software if the proper care is done.




can be performed only if the the-the user is authenticated. After the user has registered and is verified by the admin then the user can perform all the tasks on it. Some of the features of the user are as follows:


The user id is system generated and unique, which can be referenced in any other entity. This mostly for recognizing it in the unique way anywhere in the program.


Username is taken from the user and fed into this it is properly validated so that no mistake happens.


The phone number is taken here to keep the member updated and for the confirmation of the event is also managed through this method.


Email is taken to make member aware of new offers new events and for future reference, it is also relevant. Password: Password is required to login into the system and the password must contain a special character, a numeric character and an uppercase letter.

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