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Monday, 26 February 2018

Predicting E-Customer’s Buying Pattern

Predicting E-Customer’s Buying Pattern

ABSTRACT:- Traditional questionnaires, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), neuroscience, data mining, web mining and web usage mining all came to help marketers to discover the reason WHY customers purchase a product. It has been a controversial marketing topic over the past decades. From buying face-to-face in a retail store to online shopping in Amazon, different fields of science have been involved in this area. Not only marketers have been utilizing marketing and business management science, but also computer science and human computer interaction have been used to predict and analyze the customer’s behaviour in order to maximize the purchase. In this paper, psychological aspect of customer’s behaviour was introduced that has not been considered in previous research.   Predicting E-Customer’s Buying Pattern
KEYWORDS: Marketing, Psychology, Personality Type, Data Mining, Web Mining, Web usage Mining, Computer
Science, Human Computer Interaction
Marketing managers have been scrutinizing different techniques to forecast costumer’s buying pattern. In this paper,
we discuss two of them, traditional and modern techniques. Questionnaires and analysing costumer’s cart can be named as some traditional methods for marketers. Additionally, in the modern era, the necessity of technology is inevitable. We think both traditional and modern marketing techniques can be applied on their relevant business. In other words, it depends on the purpose of the marketers to choose which technique adapts which purpose. For example, distance, frequency, price and product are the main questions in traditional studies. These questions help marketers to guess the customer’s behaviour. If we apply a traditional technique on a retail store, the study of customer behaviour usually deals with (I) identification of customers and (II) their buying behaviour patterns. The aim of such studies is to ascertain who buys, where, what, when and how. The buying behaviour of the customers is influenced by the needs and preferences of the consumers for whom the products are purchased. Therefore, practically, every person who enters a store is a potential purchaser and represents a unit in the store’s customer traffic (APPLEBAUM).
Different customers provide different personality types. Moreover, different personality types provide different buying patterns. In this paper, we presented a hypothesis that customer’s personality type might influence buying behaviour and the probability that customer’s characteristics can also justify the buying behaviour. If marketers know their customer’s personality type, thus marketers are able to understand customers buying pattern as well. Therefore, a successful trade would be possible. Based on what is presented in this paper, this work can be extended by recognizing people’s personality type and categorizing them into finite groups. Making a connection between customer’s personality type and their buying behaviour would be the next goal for research.

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