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Friday, 2 February 2018



Outlook is the Open Email Platform. Outlook offers a platform where 3rd parties can innovate.
Most web users have an email account - some even have several. A common way to access email is via the web browser program. Any email service worth its salt provides a GUI. This is, typically, loaded when users successfully logs at their email account. Most email functions can be executed through this GUI - sending mail, composing, forwarding, segregating messages into folders, applying email signatures etc. However, this approach has one big disadvantage! Without an active internet connection, the email messages (heck, the entire email account) is inaccessible. This is where email programs prove beneficial.
Outlook Express provides Availability of email even without an internet connection i.e, if you've been using web based email accounts such as Hotmail, Gmail or Yahoo! Mail, you know that an active internet connection is required to login to your online account and access messages. With Outlook Express, the program will automatically connect to your account, download email and store them on your computer. Since now the messages are on your local machine they are available to you even without an internet connection.
Save time by downloading email from various accounts: This point applies to those who have multiple email accounts. You don't need to waste time in checking each email account separately. Multiple accounts can be set up in Outlook Express which means email from all these accounts will be downloaded together at one place - your computer. You can also use filters and Outlook Express message rules to segregate email messages as they arrive at your system. For example, all incoming Gmail messages can be diverted to one folder while those from Hotmail to another. You can similarly isolate emails based on sender, file size, whether they have attachments etc.
Messages can still be accessed via the online GUI: Most people presume that once Outlook Express (or any other email client) downloads email, the messages are removed from the server. In fact, users feel that this is the biggest disadvantage of using email clients because emails will, now, no longer be available from any location. However, any email client worth its salt will let you preserve a copy of the email message on the server. This option can be activated through the settings and options in the program.
Existing System:
Hierarchical Organization Information software tool has been designed keeping in view of all the technical aspects, to suit the proposed requirements using the current technology. Hierarchical Organization Information software does not include any external memory hungry .dll or .exe files. It doesn’t adapt any third party controls.
Proposed System:
Combining these powerful, state of art, burning technologies with tightly integrated database, the Hierarchical Organization Information software will meet the proposed solution of providing controlled and effective Management of the employees.
Module Description:
A) Administrative Module
 This module provides interface to administrator to manage (view/delete) the users and views the list of groups. It allows admin to view the feedback.
B) User Module
 This module treats every employee as an user and allows them to view /compose messages. He can view the employee’s details. He can add/edit/delete/view schedule. He can add/view/edit/delete groups. He can add/edit contacts. He can give feedbacks.
Hardware Requirements:
            Processor                                 :         Intel Pentium 600 MHz or above.
            RAM                                        :        1GB
            Hard Disc                                 :         30 GB or above
Software Requirements:
Operating System               :      Windows XP/2003 Server.
Frame Work                         :      MVC Architecture.
Web Technologies              :      Core Java, Servlets, JSP.
Scripting                               :      HTML, JavaScript.
Database                               :      Oracle xe
Web Server                           :      Tomcat Server 5.5
Tools                                      :      AJAX, Eclipse, My Eclipse.

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