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Friday, 2 February 2018

Online Payment Services Java Project

The real problem is the database administrator for your organization, its main purpose is to publish every month working in various departments of the Institute tie for their employees, and to maintain details of all departments, in varying degrees, their names and details of the address. 
In the system by hand, hard to maintain data and generate reports according to the requested transaction. In the system, it becomes difficult to grant the pay slip for each employee each month by a different quote. 
The Manager records the various movement sections and discovers an employee who works for a particular article and its title must check that the employee leaving in the same month, gains, deductions that along with his two other  PF features and savings. Therefore, to do all these activities makes this difficult, runs every month. Therefore, to overcome the difficulties of the present system automatically to follow all activities of the organization. 
The proposed system: the proposed system is designed to automate all tests. 
The pay system is designed with two main module: 
• Registrations 
• Reports

The manual system:

it is difficult to keep data, generating different reports the deal. The current system, it is difficult to issue a pay slip for each worker every month by passing the record of your own organization. I.e. the Manager had to go through all the records of the Organization various sections specific to an employee in the Department and for its score and check work leaves the same month, its earnings and deductions along with all other characteristics of the deduction and savings. Therefore, to do all these activities it becomes difficult for an administrator/manager every month.

Output Screens:

  1. Screens and reports
  2. Starting page to payroll system
  3. Main page of payroll
  4. Registrations Module
  5. Employees Master
  6. Deductions Master
  7. Department Master
  8. Designations Master
  9. Grade Master
  10. Reports
  11. Employee Report
  12. Grade Wise Report
  13. Department Wise Report
  14. Designation Wise Report
  15. Payroll Report

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