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Friday, 2 February 2018

Online Matrimonial Site

Online Matrimonial Site

Computers can play a major role in communication Facilities such as internet which enable communication between people .Internet has played a key role in communication, data transfer,exchange of ideologies,business data transfer etc.All the website related data exchange and communication is possible via internetworking of systems.
Our project called ‘MATCHMAKER.COM’,aimed for automating the present manual system.
The ‘MATCHMAKER.COM’ is intended for performing all the activities of the marriage bureau from the existing manual system to web based one.This  includes becoming a  member of the site,keeping user details,searching process and sending messages,viewing  messages,disabling profile if their date of validation has ended.
The main objective of our project ‘MATCHMAKER.COM’ is to keep track of  various activities in the  bureau in  fast and  easy manner.

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