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Thursday, 1 February 2018

Online Handwriting Recognition using Motion Sensor based Pen Device

Online Handwriting Recognition using Motion Sensor based Pen Device

With the advances in current technology, we see a rapid increase in availability, but also a demand for intuitive interaction between man and computer. While recognizing has been developed graphically based on the vision, it has some limitations, such as running a camera in one place, with the advantage of using motion sensors to develop a portable device.
Combining the rapid development of man-computer technology and the growth of portable devices, a handheld device integrated with motion sensors has been proposed to recognize handwriting by capturing interaction writing paths.
The goal of this Handwriting Recognition project is to develop a portable pen movement base for the online reorganization of letters or handwritten sensor numbers. Users can use this pen to write letters or numbers in the air.
Signs generated by hand movements are generated by in-device and transmitted to the PC for processing and additional signal recognition via a wireless motion sensor module. A handwriting recognition algorithm will be developed for recognition signals using measured by the sensor.
A portable device will be developed base pen with motion sensors (triassic accelerometer, compass and gyroscope), a microcontroller and a wireless transceiver. This pen-based motion sensor can be used to enter numbers or letters in a free space at normal speed.
The sensors are used to detect hand movements. The microcontroller collects the hand motion sensors and wireless transmitters signals in the main PC processor for processing and recognizing the additional signal via a wireless transceiver.
A Handwrite Algorithm (DTW) recognition is implemented to perform handwriting recognition using the signals detected by the integrated sensors in the device.
Block- diagram:

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