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Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Online Crime Investigation

Online Crime Investigation

Crime investigation system keeps track and maintains history about each and every case in the database which ultimately avoids manual and paper work. It is based on decentralized client-server architecture in order to facilitate independent functioning of all units. Here information flows from lower units to higher units and vice-versa.
The project is built on multi tier architecture. It provides quick access to data which is essential for effective prevention, control and detection of crime. It also helps decision-making and decision support processes.
Crime investigation system is an intelligent decision support system that can assist human investigators by automatically constructing plausible scenarios.
Some of the benefits of crime investigation system to existing system are quick retrieval of data, huge saving of time, proper deployment & utilization of manpower, cost reduction leading to saving in expenditure
It enables the police service to supervise and administer any incident and process related information by providing standardized processes and procedures to monitor and improve performance.
Using this application people can give their complaint through online. To register any type of complaint they need to register his personal details along with login details. Once he/she registers in the application he/she can post their complaints.
Identification of need:
The first step of the system analysis process involves the identification of need. The success of a system depends on how accurately a problem is defined,. User need identification and analysis are concerned with what the user needs rather. The analyst think about solutions and whether the problem is worth solving. This step is intended to help the user and the analyst understands the real problem rather than its symptoms.
In the existing system, the objectives of the problem situation must be understood within the framework of the organization under the system planning. If objectives are misunderstood it is easy to solve the wrong problem. In the present system, for computing environments that are connected via networks, ORACLE combines the data physically located in different computers into one logical database that can be accessed by all network users.
Distributed systems, have the same degree of user transparency and data consistency as non-distributed systems; yet receive the advantage of local database management. Hence it has been suggested that an RDBMS application is preferred. The proposed system is to meet the enterprise wide system and software requirements for designing and developing custom solutions.
Preliminary Investigation:
The first step in the system development life cycle is the identification of a need. This is a user’s request to change, improve or enhance an existing system. Because there is likely to be a stream of such requests, standard procedures have been established to deal with them. The preliminary investigation is one way of handling this. The objective is to determine whether the request is valid and feasible before a recommendation is reached to do nothing, e.
 The user request identifies the need for change and authorizes the preliminary investigation. It may undergo several modifications before it becomes written commitment. Once the request is accessed to, the following activities are carried out: background investigation, fact-finding and analysis, and presentation of results- called project proposal.
Existing System:
The existing system is a manual process. Numerous accounts are to be maintained: 1) Complaint Details. 2) Maintain Thieves Information 3) Forward Thieves information to all departments manually and 4) Maintain Employee Details. The existing system to be maintains lot of paper information’s. When any statistical analysis is to be carried out, for example: a comparison of the past year’s performance with that of the current year, it is also a laborious task of referring to many record books, compiling lists, and carrying out the analysis work.
Problems With Existing System:
Ø  Lot of space is required to store all the details of the thieves and the complaints
Ø  Data is spread across a number of record books, which have to be manually integrated to arrive at a solution.
Ø  The system is prone to human errors. Detection of errors is a difficult task since every thing is done manually.
Ø  Tracking of errors to their origin is difficult
Ø  There is no security to data. Any one can view through the data concerning the activities of the Consultancy
Ø  Any modification to the data requires searching through all the records and then making the relevant changes.
Ø  The process is very time consuming.
Proposed System:
Manual processing of data is very tedious and time consuming and leads to erroneous results, at times.  In order to overcome these snags computers are being used extensively in all fields thereby minimizing manual labor and errors to a great extent. 
 Taking all the advantages involved in computerizing, the proposed system “Online Crime Report” integrates all the manual activities by linking them under a single head. This System processes the day-to-day activities and generates tender reports that help the user to get a good grasp of the situation(s) and take decisions quickly and in-time.
 Purpose of the system
The main purpose of the system is to design and implement an effective intelligent system to register client details and post complaints to concerned departments. The main client requires the system to be effective and must be capable of registering the complaint and is provide security
Software Requirements:
Operating – System      : WindowsXP.
Server Technology       : ASP .NET
Code behind                  : Visual Basic .Net
Back-End                      : Oracle 8i
Browser used                :Internet Explorer 6.0
Server                           :IIS (Internet Information Server 6.0)
Hardware Requirements:
Processor               :  Pentium IV processor (800MHz.)
RAM                     : 512 MB (min)
Hard Disk             : 40 GB HDD (min)    

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