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Thursday, 1 February 2018

Multi User Shoping Mall

Multi User Shoping Mall

In the present system the work related to the shopping is carried out manually.  All sort of communication such as selecting items, bills etc., is to be done manually i.e., a person has to personally visit the place where the shopping can be done.  All the shopping work is carried  out using physical strength.
A departmental store which is containing different products of various companies should be updated with the existing stock reports everyday.  This takes a lot of manual work and time.  For good sales daily it has to maintain the stock list for the convenience of the customer and to get the good-will of the customer.  If the customer is far away from the store it will be very inconvenient for him if the desired product is not available in the visited store.
Goals For The System And The Product:
Ø By following the new approach the information can be accessed from any where just with a mouse click. This helps the users by saving lot of time and providing the user with the up to date information.
Ø The developed package should be able to create a good interface between the user and the database.
Ø The package should provide different functionalities like Products Information, Users information, Items details and Sales tracking.
Ø It should guide the user if it all any invalid entries are made and provide feedback to the users.
Ø All the transactions made should result either success or failure to provide consistency.          
Ø It should sustain reasonable amount of network traffic and provide the user with the required information with out any delay.
Existing System with limitations
In this very busy world and when the technology is being used efficiently to conserve the time we cannot afford to spend so much of time for these types of tasks.
To overcome the disadvantage of the existing system that we will provide the information on a network (internet) which people can access just by logging on to the Concerned web site which obviously provides proper information with minimum time consumption. Thus this new system provides the user a easier and a better way of accessing the information and providing them with the latest up to date data.
Proposed system with objectives
With the proposed system, with the cost of one telephone call the shopping can be done, which can prove to be very cost effective. The present system developed will give the full information about the company and its products and it is an interactive and user-friendly interface, it is flexible enough to cope up with the changing trends of the company.  The system provides the easy way of the selecting the properties from list of specifications of a particular type of product.  Thus with proposed system the customer can shop online saving time and trouble to travel all around is not faced.
The system provides the interface for the database backup if the company wants to change, modify and update any information.
Software requirements:
Operating System                   : Windows
Technology                    : Java/J2EE (JDBC, Servlets, JSP)
Web Technologies                   : Html, JavaScript, CSS
IDE                                        : My Eclipse
Web Server                            : Tomcat
Database                      : Oracle
Software’s                    : J2SDK1.5, Tomcat 5.5, Oracle 9i I                                      
Hardware requirements:
Hardware                            : Pentium based systems with a minimum of p4
RAM                                     : 256MB (minimum)

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