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Friday, 9 February 2018

Military Access Using Card Scanning With OTP

Military Access Using Card Scanning With OTP

Military access is the most secure access provision and needs to be kept that way considering national security issues. Usual military authentication and authorization techniques consist of one way authentication techniques with just one form of authentication, namely password or smart card or biometric. Here we propose a two stage authentication/authorization technique for secured military access to authorized personnel. The first stage is a card scanning system, each authorized personnel must have a smart card. On card scanning the system also asks of an additional 4 digit code associated with it, on entering the right code the personnel goes to the next stage of authentication. On the next stage, system generates a one time password and sends to the mobile phone registered to that particular card scanned. The personnel now needs to entered the password sent on his mobile phone for the next stage of authentication. After he enters right OTP user is granted access inside. The system is a very secure access mechanism for military and other secure authorization fields. The system may be further improved by adding face recognition authentication of third stage authentication to this system.

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