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Friday, 2 February 2018

Medicare Information System Through Data Mining

Medicare Information System Through Data Mining

This project deals with the Corporate Medicare Management. This project is very helpful to both Medicare staff as well as to the public. It is having mainly Administration and Client modules.
In Medicare management situations we are dealing with Data Mining objectives such as:
  1. To optimize bed occupation.
  2. To improve the use of operating theatres, avoiding the cancellation of operations.
  3. To know how emergencies affect to the administration of the hospital departments or services (cancellation of operations, etc).
  4. To optimize the allocation of human and material resources to wards and shifts.
  5. To detect the influence of certain diseases in the hospital’s services.
  6. To find clusters of patients.
Administration module mainly deals with the all the Medicare management such as department, ward, staff, inventory management of the Medicare. It is also having User management and gives privileges to this System based on their designations. Inpatient and Outpatient modules integrated with the departments, wards, and doctors’ modules.
All the branches of the Medicare can be integrated with one to another. So any body can get the status of each branch easily from the Medicare center. People can take appointments online by approaching the website of Medicare Center. That site also includes Information about the Facilities, Specialties available in every Medicare Branch. So they can also send their problems about their health and get some useful tips from the doctors.
We concentrate on Medicare management applications and information systems such as emergencies and ward management, human resources (services, night duties, etc.), physical resources (beds, intervention theatres, etc.), etc. We have realized how the business objectives are usually the same across several Medicare Centers and so is the information, which is gathered in several MCIS. This means that although the models extracted highly differ between Medicare Centers, data mining processes are highly similar across different Medicare Centers. We argue how a tool can be constructed in such a way that it automates many DM processes and that can be ported to other Medicare Centers, which could benefit more quickly of a first DM experience.
We also consider a module to perform simulations and to integrate the models extracted by the previous modules with other decision support systems as well as model monitoring.
Existing System
Ø  Integration of Corporate Medicare centers is very difficult while it is having different branches.
Ø  In most of the cases the database is similar from one hospital to another hospital. In those cases also we can’t easily adapt a new technology in the new hospital.
Ø  It is very difficult to analyze the usage percentage of hospital resources, Bed occupation Ratio, Administration, Laboratory information even in a single center. Then we can expect the complexity while integrating multi multi-specialty Medicare Centers.
Ø  Room Reservations, Doctor Appointment Schedules, Operation Schedules, and Medicine indentation information is very difficult to maintain and share among the different Medicare Centers.
Ø  Lack of generic and unique model we have to implement the same set of data model for every newly established Medicare Center.
Proposed System
In this project we are trying to implement which parts of a data-mining project for hospital management are equal or highly similar across different hospitals (at least in the same national healthcare system). This allows us to design several data mining modules, which can be portable across several hospitals, thus dramatically reducing the time to implement a data-mining program in a new hospital.
Software Requirements Specifications:
OPERATING SYSTEM        :           WIN 98/2000/XP, UNIX/LINUX
DATA BASE                         :           ORACLE
SOFTWARE                          :           APACHE TOMCAT
FRONT END TOOL              :           DHTML
LANGUAGE                         :           JAVA
WEB COMPONENTS           :           SERVLETS, JSP
DATA MINING TOOL         :           WEKA
Hardware Requirements Specifications:
PROCESSOR                         :           Pentium-IV
PROCESSOR SPEED           :           2.4GHZ
MONITOR                             :           COLOR MONITOR
HARD DISK                          :           40GB
RAM                                      :            512MB
MOUSE                                  :           SCROLLING MOUSE
KEY BOARD                        :           MM KEY BOARD

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