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Friday, 9 February 2018

Latest Android Projects

Latest Android Projects

  1. E-Bridge
  2. Attendance Management System
  3. Contact and message getting using SMS
  4. Attendance and marks system
  5. Cab Services
  6. Friend Locator
  7. Power Saver
  8. GPS Based Friend Tracker
  9. Location Tracking Using SMS
  10. Location Based Voice Remainder
  11. Feedback System
  12. Budget Analyzer
  13. Mobile Location Alarm
  14. Location Based Voice Remainder
  15. Blood Connect
  16. Alert App
  17. Donor & Receiver
  18. Alarm App- Wake Up
  19. Mode Changer
  20. News App
  21. Women Safety App
  22. Project Interactive
  23. EAMCET
  24. Emergency Alarm And Health Care Management System
  25. Smart City Guide – Hyderabad
  26. Nearest Shopping Malls App
  27. Smart Blood Bank
  28. Travel Planner (Web)
  29. College Attendance System
  30. Instant College Updates
  31. Near By Shopping Mall Offers
  32. Nearest Hospitals Based On User Choice
  33. Bus Tracker Android Application

Android Projects (Mini & Major)
  1. Android College Campus
  2. Legitimate Motor Vehicle Finance Processing
  3. Online Furniture Shopping Mobile Application
  4. Online Banking System Android Project
  5. Android based Application for BRTS Service Locator
  6. Security for Lost or Misplaced Mobile – iLocate
  7. Location Based Voice Reminder For Planned Journey
  8. Student Attendance Management System
  9. GPS Based Friend Tracker
  10. BuddiesHub – Keep in Touch Android Mobile Application
  11. Android Based Image Editor
  12. Online Notice Board Application
  13. Sketch yourself – An application for Android device-users
  14. Notes Tracker System for Android Mobile Phones
  15. Feedback System Andriod Application
  16. Budget Analysis & Reminder
  17. MGNAREGA Development Scheme
  18. Free SMS Mobile Service (Text Messages)
  19. Fitness Manager
  20. Video Streaming with minimized buffering time
  21. Train Journey Planner Locating Nearer Station
  22. Carpooling
  23. AutoSMS Android Application
  24. Map Based Interface For GCET Institutes Location Information
  25. Project Tracing A Project Management System
  26. ‘Do Not Disturb’ Incoming Call Manager
  27. Remote Access To PC Using Mobile
  28. Bluetooth File Transfer
  29. Videolibrary
  30. RSS News Reader
  31. Event Scheduler (For Anchorship)
  32. Event Reminder
  33. Internet Radio
  34. Android – extended mobile captcha implementation
  35. Route navigation through global positioning system
  36. Meet You – Social Networking on Android
  37. Design & Development Of Car Parking And Automation Billing System’s
  38. Unit Converter
  39. Google Place Finder Mobile Application
  40. Android Leave Management System
  41. Android Student Result Analyzing System.
  42. Android Shopping Location Identifier
  43. Insurance System in Android
  44. Simple And Secure Android To Do List Application
  45. Advanced GPS Location Finder To Identify Hospital Location and ATM Location
  46. Android Event Scheduler/Reminder
  47. Expense Manager
  48. Location Based Alarm
  49. Text Editor Android Mobile Apllication
  50. Fertilizer Management System
  51. Micro Credit Banking On Smartphone
  52. Bank Account Tracker For Android
  53. Employee Directory
  54. Budget Planner
  55. The Architecture Design of Streaming Media Applications For Android Os.
  56. Android SMS Systems
  57. Restaurant Table Order Management System
  58. Tollgate Payment System In Android
  59. Multy User Mobile Bluetooth Two Way Text Chat
  60. Online Examination System For Android
  61. Online Shopping
  62. Cricket And Football Live Data Streaming In Notification Service
  63. Friend Mapper On Mobiles – Friend Locator
  64. Mobile Travel Guide – Smart Way To Travel
  65. GPS Location Alert System
  66. Smart Money With Daily Expenses
  67. A Mobile Phone Based Medicine In-Take Reminder And Monitor
  68. Student Attendance Tracking System
  69. Tips And Tax Calculator In Android
  70. Android Attack Application
  71. Android Grocery Shopping list
  72. Cloudmov Cloud-Based Mobile Social TV
  73. Efficient Online Job Searching
  74. Location Based Intelligent Mobile Organizer
  75. Offloading Android Applications to the Cloud without Customizing Android.
  76. Location-Based Intelligent Services of Scenic Areas.
  77. A Bluetooth Toy Car Control Realization by Android Equipment.
  78. A Decentralized Smartphone Based Traffic Information System.
  79. A Learning Support Environment for Earthquake Disaster with A Simulation Of Furniture Falling By Mobile Ar.
  80. A Machine Learning Approach to Android Malware Detection.
  81. A Method of Simultaneously Displaying A Passing Person And His/Her Message On The Same Screen Space.
  82. A New Generation Children Tracking System Using Bluetooth Manet Composed Of Android Mobile Terminals.
  83. A Public Safety Application Of GPS-Enabled Smartphone’s And the Android Operating System.
  84. A Resilience Wireless Enhancement for Neighborhood Watching System.
  85. A Universal Push Service for Mobile Devices.
  86. Acceleration and Orientation Multi Sensor Pedometer Application Design and Implementation On The Android Platform.
  87. Android City Tour Guide System Based On Web Service.
  88. Android Botnets On The Rise: Trends And Characteristics
  89. Android Based Wireless Location And Surrounding Search System Design.
  90. Android Based Solution for Indian Agriculture.
  91. Android as A Server Platform.
  92. Android Application for Sending SMS Messages with Speech Recognition Interface.
  93. An Optimizing Scheme for Wireless Video Transmission on Android Platform.
  94. An Android-Based Emergency Alarm and Healthcare Management System.
  95. An Android System Design and Implementation for Telematics Services.
  96. An Aggregate Functional Software Architecture on Android For End-2-End Real-Time Interactive Content Management To Cater IPTV Services On Digital Handheld Devices.
  97. Android Suburban Railway Ticketing With GPS as Ticket Checker.
  98. Android: Changing the Mobile Landscape.
  99. Android4tv: A Proposition for Integration of DTV in Android Devices.
  100. Android-Based Exercise Application.
  101. Automatic Brightness Control of the Handheld Device Display with Low Illumination.
  102. Cloud To Device Push Messaging On Android.
  103. Horoscope
  104. Video CD Library Management System
  105. Cloud To Device Push Messaging On Android.
  106. Collecting Earthquake Disaster Area Information Using Smart Phone.
  107. Design and Implementation of Doctor-Patient Interaction System Based On Android.
  108. Design and Implementation of Digital TV Widget for Android on Multi-Core Platform.
  109. Design and Implementation of Automatic Number Plate Recognition on Android Platform.
  110. Design and Implementation of Android Phone Surveillance System.
  111. Design and Implementation of an Intelligent Information Integration System Based On Android Mobile Terminals.
  112. Design and Implement of 3g Mobile Police System.
  113. Database Refactoring and Regression Testing Of Android Mobile Applications.
  114. Daily Mood Assessment Based On Mobile Phone Sensing.
  115. Daily Life Activity Tracking Application for Smart Homes Using Android Smartphone.
  116. Content-Aware Smart Remote Control for Android-Based TV.
  117. Design of Secure Location and Message Sharing System for Android Platform.
  118. Detection of SMS Spam Messages on Mobile Phones.
  119. Development Of An Android System Integrated With Sensor Networks.
  120. Development of Motion-Maker for an Android.
  121. Droid Mat: Android Malware Detection through Manifest and API Calls Tracing.
  122. Energy Consumption In Android Phones When Using Wireless Communication Technologies.
  123. Environment Sensing Using Smartphone.
  124. Evaluation of Bluetooth Hands-Free Profile for Sensors Applications in Smartphone Platforms.
  125. Face Recognition Implementation For Client Server Mobile Application Using PCA.
  126. Forthroid on Android: A QR-Code Based Information Access System for Smart Phones.
  127. Location Based Services Using Android (LBSOID).
  128. Live Video Streaming For Mobile Devices: An Application On Android Platform.
  129. Learning Sorting Algorithms with Mobile Devices.
  130. Indoor Wifi Positioning System for Android-Based Smartphone.
  131. Improving The Energy-Efficiency Of GPS Based Location Sensing Smartphone Applications.
  132. Implementation of Cuff-Less Continuous Blood Pressure Measurement System Based On Android.
  133. Implementation Of An Android Phone Based Video Streamer.
  134. Implementation Of A Mobile Device To Determine Danger In A Great City Based On Ubiquity.
  135. How to Display the Data From Database By Listview On Android.
  136. Google Android as an Application Environment for DTV Decoder System.
  137. Call History Analyzer Mobile Apllication
  138. Crazy Jumbles Mobile Apllication
  139. Precautions And Medicines For Common Diseases
  140. Encryption And Decryption Of Data On Images
  141. Get Contact Number Mobile Apllication
  142. Slam Book Mobile Apllication
  143. Emergency Ok Mobile Apllication
  144. Alert Block Mobile Apllication
  145. Message Prompt Mobile Apllication
  146. Voice Alert Mobile Apllication
  147. Crazy Alarm Mobile Apllication
  148. Spy Mobile Apllication
  149. Power Management Mobile Apllication
  150. Binal User Mobile Apllication
  151. Self Security Mobile Apllication
  152. Child Tracking Mobile Apllication
  153. Tourism Mobile Apllication
  154. Multi Format Player
  155. Setting Controller
  156. Friend Finder Mobile Apllication
  157. SMS Scheduling Mobile Apllication
  158. Message Reader Mobile Apllication
  159. Mobile Anti Theft Location
  160. Camera Triggering With SMS
  161. Event Remainder Mobile Apllication
  162. Edupad Mobile Apllication
  163. MGBS Bus Stand Mobile Apllication
  164. File Compression And Decompression
  165. Mobile Mode Changer Mobile Apllication
  166. Application Remover
  167. BMI With Graph Android Application
  168. Incoming And Outgoing Call Recorder
  169. Destination Remainder
  170. Fun And Food Android Application
  171. Auto Rejecting Call And Message
  172. Reliance Mart Android Application
  173. Quit Smoking Android Application
  174. Location Finder Android Application
  175. Speech Conversation Telugu, Hindi And English
  176. Vehicle Parking Android Application
  177. Password Box Android Application
  178. Permission Risk Factor
  179. News Reporter Android Project
  180. Mobile Geo Pencing Mobile Apllication
  181. School Management System
  182. Search Your Doctor Android Project
  183. Real Estate Android Project
  184. Hospital Diseases Management
  185. Mobile Security
  186. Puzzle Game Android Project
  187. Android Event Scheduler Reminder Application
  188. Dynamic Google Remote Data Collection
  189. Nearest ATM Mobile Navigation Through Global Positioning System
  190. Organization Business Communication & Planning Through Mobile Remote Server
  191. Quantitative And Qualitative Mobile Data Collection
  192. Software Version Self Update For Android Mobile Applications
  193. The Application Protector For Mobile Manual Security
  194. Tracking 24 Hrs Android Project
  195. Battery Savery & Memory Cleaner
  196. College Phonebook Android Project
  197. Emergency Call Android Project
  198. Master Mind Android Project
  199. Message Reader Android Project
  200. Mobile Attendance Android Project
  201. Mobile Theft Android Project
  202. Office Employee Location Android Project
  203. Personal Book Android Project
  204. Personal Finance Application
  205. Phone Mode Android Project
  206. Word Tracer Android Project
  207. Lodge Management System
  208. Multi Information Android Project
  209. Route Map Android Project
  210. Attendance Management Android Project
  211. Event Manager Android Project
  212. Expense Tracker Android Project
  213. Service Provider Android Project
  214. Shop Management Android Project
  215. Spell Jumble Android Project
  216. Safe Driving Using Mobile Phones
  217. College Attendance Management System
  218. College Marks Management System
  219. Friend Finder
  220. Doner & Receiver
  221. Shopping Mart
  222. Secure Message Base
  223. SpeakUp
  224. SMS Backup & Restore Android Application
  225. Bluetooth Chating App
  226. Block call android project
  227. Call Logging App
  228. Handset theft monitoring
  229. Employee Skill Set Manager
  230. Mobile Voting System
  231. Pincode finder
  232. Restaurant Ordering System
  233. Weather Report Application
  234. Cryptology for Security
  235. Hospital Device Management

IOT (Internet of Things) Projects
  1. WiFi based Smart Parking Application(including web app, web service, MySQL database, Arduino and ultrasonic sensor)
  2. WiFi based Temperature/Humidity Monitoring (with Cloud Integration)
  3. WiFi based Theft Detection – Alert System (with Cloud integration and Email Notification)
  4. Arduino Traffic Light system
  5. Arduino Light sensor and piezo buzzer
  6. WiFi based Smart Home Application with Raspberry Pi
  7. Smart Garage system
  8. Bluetooth based advanced wireless home automation system
  9. RFID based animal tracking system
  10. Wireless Heartbeat Monitoring and Alert system
  11. Development of Zigbee based Street Light
  12. Home security system Based on wireless RF technology
  13. WiFi based advanced Home Automation system using Android Smart Phone
  14. Raspberry pi home automation over wifi and Android
  15. WiFi Digital Sign Notice Board Controlled by Android Phone and Raspberry pi
  16. Microcontroller based temperature control
  17. Android bluetooth controlled AC motor speed
  18. Ultrasonic assistant for blind
  19. Android bluetooth based two way controlled home automation
  20. RasPi based liquid flow monitoring and control system
  21. Arduino Uno based Temperature Monitoring and Control
  22. WiFi based advanced Home Automation system using Android Smart Phone
  23. Android Speech recognition LED scrolling display

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