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Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Knowledge Storm

Knowledge Storm

Objective: To develop an application that helps to share or discuss the opinions on various topics with the professionals.
This revolutionary Web Portal is a great online solution for discussing the issues on different areas like business, technology and Technical etc.                    
Any user can use this portal to discuss the issues related to their requirements with other users across the globe. To implement this, the application is divided into different modules:
1.   Administrator
2.   User
3.   Topic
4.   Threads
5.   Replies.
Administrator is the controller of the project, He creates the Topics, and Topic is a category. For example java, .net, oracle, technical etc.
Under these topics users post their questions which are called as threads. If any user post his opinion is called as reply. For one thread any number replies are allowed. In some cases reply may become the thread.
This project marks the replies as new posts and allows the administrator to lock or unlock the threads, keeps track of visitors count for every thread and no of replies posted by the users along with user information.
  • To develop a simpler interface for discussion over an issue over a broader medium.
  • The system should provide look attractive as well as provide easy mechanism for the users who intend to be part of this forum.
  • Instant response towards the threads status as well as the reply status.
  • An open environment where user is not bonded to register to use the services provided by the application.
  • Notify the user the mail who initiated the thread towards the reply posted by other users.
  • To solve the problem in different perspective.
  • The current system requires a registration, which is long and tedious process and not liked by many people.
  • The available forums do not reply the user with the response provided by other user.
  • The available forums are restricted to registered users only those who are registered can take part in the discussion and can present their views.
  • A particular thread can be locked for no responses to be posted by other users of the forum.
  • The forum can be made an open forum where the user need not register with full information.
  • Every person interested in a particular topic and is available with the solutions can post his/her replies to the initiator.
  • When posting reply the sender identity can be made hidden so as to protect the privacy of the person providing the solutions.
  • Provide Interactive interface through which a user can interact with different areas of application easily
  • Deploy the application on a single system and make is available on all the systems with in the network, there by reducing the maintenance cost of software.
Modules of the projects
1. Topic
2. Thread
3. Reply
4. Administration
Module Description
Topic is the category like it, business, and technology etc. These are created by the administrator only and can be activate or deactivate the topic. Admin has the privilege to view the replies, sort the replies date wise or priority wise, admin has the privilege to delete the topic, thread and replies. But user cannot delete the topic.
User will create the thread. Thread is a question, created by the user under the specific topic. After creating the thread user can activate or deactivate   the thread.
Reply is the answer given by the visitors. One user can give any no of replies. Some times reply given by one user will become the thread. But one completion in the project is user must provide his name and email id while creating the thread or providing the reply. Threads or topics which are in active state only receive the replies.
The following commands specify access control identifiers and they are typically used to authorize and authenticate the user (command codes are shown in parentheses)
The user identification is that which is required by the server for access to its file system. This command will normally be the first command transmitted by the user after the control connections are made (some servers may require this).
This command must be immediately preceded by the user name command, and, for some sites, completes the user's identification for access control. Since password information is quite sensitive, it is desirable in general to "mask" it or suppress type out. 
PIII    500MHZ or above
100MB Free Hard disk space
STD Color Monitor
Network interface card or Modem (For Remote Sources)
LAN Network (For Remote Sources)  
WINDOWS NT 4 | 2000 | 9.X | ME
Visual Studio .Net 2002 Enterprise Edition
Internet Information Server 5.0
Visual Studio .Net Framework (Minimal for Deployment)        

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