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Sunday, 25 February 2018



Are you looking for customer complaints management for your final year project? We are here to help you. You can contact us 
Working with any company or organisation or any other group. There is always a small gap between perfect system and the worker or any other user. They might have some problem with the system or against any person or with the whole system.
So there must be some system which could make it easy register their problem with the system which could be transferred to the particular person who can resolve this issue.
The token of the complaint is generated with can be seen by the complainer and the claim is decided to transfer it from here to given department. The claim has a grace period and makes it clear to fill the problem get the expected resolving date.
Now here we come up with notice interface where the resolver gets the scope of the problem and give notices to concerned person to do the particular task. Then the person takes the action and notifies him as all are registered to the system.
In this manager, the complaint pass through a hierarchy and one after another the problems get resolved.


The module of the customer complaints management is made of the combination of modules which work with collaboration with each other and make it beneficial to accomplish the main aim of the scheme.


This interface is made for the users who want to make a complaint against some person or some problem they are facing and to get rid of it.
The interface allows them to give them a description of the problem, that is when they were facing the problem where it was . the name of the person responsible for that and here space for describing it properly is given.


This interface is critical regarding making the person aware of the problem and notice to the individual if the responsible person is the part of the organisation.
Here the staff have the option to sent notice after or during to resolving of problemo complaint of the users. Here users also get notice of the problem solved status.


This interface is mainly for the staff of the organisation working under different conditions of the department and try to resolve the problem after getting assigned over that according to the problem.
The person is responsible for giving notice to the responsible of the problem and notifying the user about the problem status of resolving. Further, they are capable of giving enough reasons about it.


Users information have to be compelled to be registered within the system thus on the establish every of them unambiguously and do the required group action as real potential .like on the name of the bill is issued.
on the far side, this plenty of things require measure there wherever we will reference him. Without registration, there are few options and pages one user can see which are landing on the home page and taking the features read but he won’t be allowed to use those.
For use, he will have to register. One person needs to put his all the details correctly and precisely as it will be helpful in identifying them and believing that he is the real person who has booked for the same.
It also includes driver license for them who is driving and parameter too.


After registration one will register within the system because the operator of the system either on the behalf of user. when this he has the opposite helpful interfaces accessible for any actions.
Here either bride or groom both have to log in with their unique identity and passwords. After this, they will be directed to the primary user interface from where they have further options.


This is quite often that people tend to forget the password they keep for the login. So this could be very tedious and hectic to recover the password manually in case if one needs to login in the emergency.
So to overcome this problem we have this module named ass forgot the password and using this module user can recover their password in seconds. So here we need to only put our registered email Id and hit the enter.
then one confirmation email will go to the email where he has the option to reset the password. In seconds one can use this module and get rid of forgetting password problem.


Admin has the official powers to control the flow of the data from one part of the system to the other. He can manipulate the access of the users to the data.
The primary purpose of this account is to make the user data relevant and then giving the inputs to the other an interface module and make it work optimistically and get the timetable according to the wish we want to create for a particular type, of inputs.
Hence all the data will be reflected in clean and well data in the interfaces.


Now, this method is intended in such the way that it takes fewer resources to figure out work correctly. it’s its own type of minimum needs that we’d like to require care of :
The system wants a minimum of two GB of ram to run all the options sleek and unforeseen.
It wants a minimum 1.3 gigahertz processor to run sleek as else which will produce issues.
The system must be operated by some approved person as wrong hands will build it happy-go-lucky.
Rest is all up to the user’s usage can take care of hardware
For security opposing anti-virus is suggested.
The system is made correctly, and all the testing is done as per the requirements. So, the rest of the things depend on the user, and no one can harm the data or the software if the proper care is done.
All the attributes are working correctly, and if any error is found, then it can be removed easily.



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