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Friday, 2 February 2018

Insurance on Internet

Insurance on Internet

The Insurance on Internet is a web-based enterprise application that automates all possible business functionalities of the insurance sector such as providing information catalog of various policy types to customers, applying for a new policy, providing information of the company’s authorized agents, and providing alerts to the policy holders for the policy renewals. As this is a web application, it supports the company in increasing the profits by reaching more number of customers round the clock (i.e. 24X7).
Existing system:
          The existing system is manual and the manual system works in the following way: 
·         Whenever company wants to sell life insurance then the agent of that company will be appointed for some group of customers. The agent has to approach customers and all the details and appropriate verification has to be taken manually.
·         The form, which is registered by the customer, is done manually that is received by the agent and hand it over to the company. If any problem with the registration then the agent again has to approach that particular customer, this process is done manually.
·         If any mistakes have done in the registration form then another new form is issued to the customer.
·         The premiums which has to pay by the customer in the regular basis will be received by the agent is done manually.
·         If any personal details related to the customer have been changed then the details has to be submitted to the company. This process is to be taken manually.
·         Within a company the interactions between administrator, Non-administrator and the agents have been done manually.
·         Lot of man-hours is wasted for the entire process.
·         As every human does wrong, they also may do wrong.
·         Providing more than one form for one customer will be the wastage of company’s resources.
·         Changes in the customer’s personal profile may not be informed in right time. This will cause problems with the interactions.
·         Producing the reports as desired is not possible.
          To overcome all the difficulties of the manual system the management has proposed computerized the whole system and the proposed computerized system works as follows:
·         Once the verification of the customer has been done the customer can be given id and password according to that can register through Internet.
·         The agent can send premium details to the customer’s mail when ever required this reduce the direct interactions between agent and customer.
·         Within a company the workers can interact with each other through send messages instead of directly going to their locations.
·          The system maintains various database tables such as customer details and  premiums details.
    After looking at the functional requirements it is identified that we can divide the  
   system into the following modules such as:
·            Admin Module
·            Agents Module
·            Normal User Module
Users of the system
       This system should be designed to support the following users:

·            Administrators
·            Agents
·            Policy Holders
·            Normal users
Development Architecture:
1.     Design Model - MVC Model -2
2.     Framework – J2EE
3.     Database - Oracle
4.     Application Server - Weblogic
Hardware requirements:
PC with 2 GB hard-disk and 256 MB RAM

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