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Sunday, 25 February 2018

Insurance Agency Management System Project


In this section, we will discuss the existing system and some of their drawbacks which force us to plan this whole idea of developing online insurance policy management.
Let us takes the few examples


Initially customer visit to the agent asked him to insure his vehicle, on the request of customer.
Agent will take all the information regarding client and vehicle afterwards agent forward this information to the Company and get different quotation insurance coverages,
then agent will show all the quotation to the Client and ask him to choose one which he can afford, and to make payment then this payment will be send to the company by agent and request for the selected policy then company official will check the vehicle condition to insured that weather the vehicle is in good condition or not, so that they can decide to issue the policy.
After that company will issue the insurance form and commission to the agent which has decided by the company.


  • This process is so much time consuming
  • There is threat to the record of the client
  • There is no proper way of getting new quotations from the agents there might be possibility that they provide you old quotations.
  • It might be the case that agent can take commission as well as extra charges of transport from client.
So, above this is the whole process of getting vehicle insurance by our system we can make it little bit more simple and fast process of automated it.
We can automate this process by creating the application which will allow you to use these things in a fully functional way and the application will include the following entities (a entity is a real world object).
The automated application help in following way:
  • Client can register himself directly on the application and generate client id.
  • If the client is not aware about policies then agent will make him contact with this application and help him to complete the process.
  • Admin will maintain the record and security by using the encryption in saved records so that no one can access it.
  • Client need not to bother about his/her data and without moving from his place or making so many phone calls he can get the policy.
  • No need of transportation to get policies.
  • Client can check new policies which has been uploaded by the Admin.
  • The whole process of getting work done will become more faster than the conventional way of getting insurance.


Admin will use this application to give the access to the selected agents, even admin will add new policies so that agents can share the information to the clients or they can access it by themselves. Admin will provide form and quotation to the user and client so that they can use it appropriately.


Agent will make the clients to know about the policies which has added by Admin, here agent can also send form to the client so that he/she can fill their necessary information like Name, gender, Occupation, and the type of insurance he/she desire for example vehicle insurance, Health Insurance etc.
Agent will also ask for the salary of the client so that Admin can decide related policies for client, and later agent will submit the form and a record will be created by him and Agent ID with client ID will start to reflect to the Admin.


Client will get the most benefit from this application as we mentioned the advantages of this application user can login and create his account to get the access of the application and maintain his record at the application so that agent and Admin can easily access it and provide him insurance according to his need and what he can afford, no need of moving here and there with agent just a click will start you insurance process as well as end in the same way.
You just need to reply and stay in touch with agent or admin to solve your queries.
Now the best way to describe this whole process is a ER-diagram which include the entities and relations with different entities whereas their attributes so, we will design the ER diagram according to the description.


ERD of Insurance Agency Management System
ERD of Insurance Agency Management System
Now we will discuss the whole ER-diagram to make better understanding
Here we have different Entities such as Agent, Policy, Policy Holder, Claimer let looks one by one which is as follow.


This entity will interact with the users to provide them different facilities such as inform them about new scheme and provide or notify them with suitable quotation which will suits them. Following are the few attributes which is possess by the Agent entity they are:
  • Agent_ID : This is an unique i

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