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Thursday, 1 February 2018

Government Scheme Management System

Government Scheme Management System

Most of the schemes introduced by the Government go into dustbin just because the officials who implement the schemes could not make them available to suitable people. So there is a secured and transparent system needed which enable an ordinary person to directly apply for a scheme and track the status from time to time and know whether he is entitled to receive the fruit or his application is rejected by the officials. In any case, the applicant should be able to know the reason for rejection openly. This catches trust in the Government from the people and avoids mis-utilization of funds.
Government Scheme Management System is a software application to automate the process for utilization of various schemes provided by government for various panchayats. Government Scheme Management System Software takes care of the activities related to the schemes provided by the government. The major responsibility is to take care of the proper utilization of different schemes in a transparent way.
This system clearly keeps track of the status of user’s application by tracking the actual activities that are under process within the panchayat or at higher level at any point of time, by the administrators. This system provides effective way to manage the important information in a very secure manner by authenticating users at various levels.
This system design is modularized into various categories covering the internal official management concepts associated with the information of the panchayats and user applications with different levels of abstraction. 
This system has very good GUI so that a novice user did not feel any operational difficulties. This system mainly concentrated in designing various reports requested by the users as well as higher authorities such as Scheme wise details report, Panchayat wise details report, User wise report etc.
When the user applies for a scheme, his details will be stored in the database and sent to the panchayat for verification. Panchayat people conduct a physical verification and sends their remarks to the DDO who would write his comments. These details are sent to final approving authority and help him to approve or disapprove the person for the scheme. The same details can be viewed by the user so that the user would get a clear picture of what is happening from time to time.
Current system is a manual one in every panchayat displays the list of available schemes provided by the Government. It invites the applications from the eligible users based on certain criteria. All the applications are verified at panchayat level and then approved applications are sent to District level for approval. All the approved users avail the benefits of the scheme.
1. It is not secure to maintain important information manually
2. More manual hours need to generate required reports
3. It is tedious to manage historical data which needs much space to keep
4. all the past years applications, books etc.
5. User need to wait more time to get his application status.
6. Data is not in sync in case of manual system.
Proposed system is a software application which avoids more manual hours that need to spend in record keeping and generating reports. This application keeps the data in a centralized way which is available to all the users simultaneously. It is very easy to manage historical data in database. No specific training is required for the employees to use this application. They can easily use the tool that decreases manual hours spending for normal things and hence increases the performance
The following are the advantages of proposed system
1. Easy to track the status of applications at any level at any point of time
2. Can generate required reports easily
3. Easy to manage historical data in a secure manner
4. Centralized database helps in avoiding conflicts
5. Easy to use GUI that does not requires specific training.
The system after careful analysis has been identified to present itself with the following modules:
Ø  Scheme Management Module: This module provides user interface to add, edit, and delete various government schemes. This module takes care of accepting various applications from users and escalating those applications to DDO for approval. In scheme management module available schemes list and eligibility criteria for corresponding schemes details will be displayed in schemes list.
Eligibility details, how many members are already applied for the schemes all these details will be displayed. Only the admin user can add the details of users for the related schemes. He only the user to update or delete the details of users from schemes list. All the remaining users can view the details of schemes.
Ø  Panchayat Management Module: This module provides facility to add or delete or edit various panchayats. Also provides interface to view the status of applications at panchayat level. Provides an interface to accept/reject applications at panchayat level it self. In panchayat management module all the available panchayaties will be displayed in panchayaties list. Every panchayat has its own ID. This list contains details of all the panchayaties means panchayat ID, Name, district ID, name of the GPO, population of the corresponding panchayat, how many literates and illiterates are living there in that panchayat, how many families are living with BPL(Below Poverty Line), their occupation all these details will be included. Only the admin user can add the new panchayaties. He is only the user to update or delete the panchayaties from the list. Remaining users can view the details of all the panchayaties.
Ø  Administration module:  This module provides administrators to add/remove users and assign various access rights to them. This module contains all the adding and removing functions. This module contains all the users details, panchayaties details, schemes details, and district details. The administrator can add / update or remove any of the above functions. The administration module having authority to add or update the details of all the above mentioned functions. This module maintains all the departments. Each and every user should be created by administrator. He can maintain all the departments. Applications of the eligible users and available schemes will be added by administrator. All the users details and every department details will be available only in administration module.
Ø  Reporting module: In this module we can see various types of reports like scheme wise report, panchayat wise report, and user wise report. Various reports like Approved applications, Pending applications and Rejected applications at different levels panchayat wise as well as user wise. Name of the scheme, eligibility for the scheme and maximum strength of the scheme all these details will be included in scheme wise report. Name of the panchayat and in which district it will be located all the details will be added in panchayat wise report. Application ID, name of the applicant, scheme ID, panchayat ID, status of the application all these details will be included in user wise applications report. Status of the application and any remarks information will be displayed in approved applications report. All the rejected applications report will be placed in the rejected applications report.
Required Hardware:
Pentium IV processes architecture
1.   512 MB RAM.
2.   40 GB Hard Disk Space
3.   Ethernet card with an Internet or Internet zero.
Required Software:
Database      : MySQL 5.0, MySQL 3.51 JDBC driver
Server            :  Apache Tomcat 4.1
Front end      : JSP / Servlets, J2SDK 1.4, HTML, DHTML, Java Script
Editor             : Edit plus

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