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Thursday, 1 February 2018

Extracting Social Networks

Extracting Social Networks

· Existing System Does  not support the intranet mail communication it will support only message transmission only.
· It does not support file transfer.
· Existing system does not support group system.
  • This system supports the intranet mailing system
  • The system also supports the file transfer system
  • Here we maintain the groups for adding the friends with in the intranet.
  • This system maintain inbox for received mails and also maintain sent folder for storing the sending mails.
User Login:
First to enter this system the users has to login to this system. Basically there are 2 types of users in this system.
1.   users – Has restricted access. i.e., Normal users have access to some of the modules only.
  • First a login screen should be displayed to get the user details. The user has to enter the user-id and the password. The password has to be masked with character ‘*’.
  • The user details should be verified against the details in the user tables and if he / she is valid user, they should be entered into the system. Once entered, based on the user type access to the different modules to be enabled / disabled.
  • If user enters wrong password for continuously 5 times, the account should be locked. The information about the login and logout details should be stored in a separate table.
User Details
This module contains 2 parts. User maintenance and password change.
  • User maintenance is used to create a new user, modify the details of existing user or remove the existing user.  Only the admin type user will have access to this part. Normal user won’t have access to this. While storing into database the password should be encrypted and stored. The user can choose his / her own logic to encrypt the password.
  • User password is used to change their own password. Both admin and normal user will have access to this.
Send and receive mails:
  • Here we develop the features for storing the received mails and also for sending mails.
  • Here we design the inbox for store the received mails and maintain sent folder for sending mails.
  • These details stored into the database.
  • Whenever the user wants to see the details then these are retrieved from the database.
Add friends in the network:
  • Here we maintain the groups for adding the friends in the network.
  • If you want to join then select any one then join into that.
  • Here we have a facility to join in the multiple groups.
This module is used to prepare various online reports. This module will be enabled only to the admin type of users.
  • User details report – This contains various information about the users available.
  • User login details report – This report takes the user ID and from / to date as input and generates the report containing the login date, login time and logout time, etc.
  • Item category report – This gives the different item categories.
  • Item details report – This gives the information about the various items available in the store along with the information like category, stock level, etc.
  • Sales report – This report takes date as input and gives details of sales made on that date along with item information. This report should be available for a given date or for a date range.
  • Vendor details report – This report gives the details about all the vendors.
This module contains the following 2 things – Help and About.
  • The Help menu should display the detail information about the system. It is like a typical help system available in any windows application.
  • The About menu should give information about this software like developed by, version and contact details.
Operating System                :               Windows XP/2003 or Linux
User Interface                    :               HTML, CSS
Client-side Scripting             :               JavaScript
Programming Language                :               Java
Web Applications                 :               JDBC, Servlets, JSP
IDE/Workbench                   :               My Eclipse 6.0
Database                           :               Oracle 10g
Server Deployment              :               Tomcat 5.x
Processor                           :               Pentium IV
Hard Disk                           :               40GB
RAM                                  :               512MB or more

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