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Thursday, 1 February 2018

Employee Resource Management Systems

Employee Resource Management Systems

This project “EMPLOYEE RESOURCE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM” is aimed at developing an online Resource Management System that is of importance to the various Independent Business Units (IBU) of an organization. The Resource Management System (RMS) is an Intranet based application that can be accessed throughout the organization or a specified group/Dept. This system can be used to add or modify employee details and help the management while organization in allocating resources to various Projects.
The project contains various modules for managing various tasks of Resource Management. This includes:
1. Adding new employee details and modifying existing Employee details.
2.  Transaction of mails for the people in the intranet.
3.  Adding member details (Super user & Normal users).
4.  updating of No due form while the employee leaving organization.
The Super user must provide his/her username and password for authentication purpose, and then only he/she is able to access the Resource Management System. It also generates weekly reports about project transactions. It reduces the communication gap   about   the project and also it reduces the time while allocating resources to various Projects.
The project works for the college and employees in enhancing the organization services for the current employees from the time they are joined and until they leaveAny policy questions regarding the allocating resource program must be directed to respective super users so that they can oversee all the activities regarding allocation in specified group/Dept and co-ordinate new program proposals and changes to options or tracks. It also keeps in track of the qualifications and experience if any. The allowances granted to employees, and to see his/her personal and official details. 
Employee Personal Details:
In Employee Personal Details module the employee id is submitted. Then all the details like department to which he/she belongs, qualification of that particular employee, date of joining, address, contact numbers, designation regarding that particular Employee member are displayed.
Resources Allocation Information:
The Employee can request any resource from the other department that he requires. Allocation can be done through the super user of the department which he had requested. Depending on the availability the resources can be easily allocated to the requested employee. He/she can view the resource through his/her account whether the requesting resource is available for that time or not. Depending on that employee can easily request the particular resources.
No dues module:
In the No due module we are having the list of items that are about, whether are any due’s while he/she is undergone employment in a particular organization. So the respective employee is while leaving the institution/organization his dues can be calculated. So if any dues are present with the employee the super user will feed the due about the particular resources due to the employee.
Centralized mailing system:

In this module transaction of mails for the people in the intranet can be easily being done. So the communication can be easily done through this and secrecy can be maintained. Assign a mail-admin who will create email-ids for the people in the intranet of lab or in the internet. The mail-admin will also take care of assigning the logins to the users of the leave system.
Hardware and Software Requirements
Software requirements
Operating System                   :           Windows XP
Web Server                            :             Apache Tomcat 5.5 Web Server
Front-end                               :           HTML
Back-end                               :           MySQL 5.0, JSP
Hardware requirements
The following are hardware requirements for the system.
Processor                                 :           Pentium – 4 Processor
Primary Memory (RAM)        :           512MB
Cache                                       :            512Kb
Hard Disk                               :           8 GB Hard Disk Drive
Monitor                                   :           SVGA 14’’Color Monitor with1MB-SDRAM
Key board                               :           104 keys

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