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Friday, 2 February 2018

Employee Fee Management System Abstract

Employee Fee Management System Abstract


The Employee Fee Management System is an automated price control system that can be useful to employees and the managers in any company. employee expense control machine presents the ability to outline the duties of the employer and additionally lets in the managers to vouchers for any reimbursable fees born by way of the worker.

Current Work:

The existing work makes use of Microsoft excel sheets for storing statistics. When a manager needs facts of a worker voucher, one has to search for the desired document inside the record machine. Record era is achieved manually with the aid of copying the content of the unique documents into every other report. Records retrieval is a very complex technique. Loss of organization of the documents might also result in information loss because of unintended deletion of documents.

Proposed Work:

The proposed device presents the centralized database. it stores data related to price vouchers for any reimbursable and outline of very distinct statistics of. It may also create excel reviews and pdf files primarily based on the facts in its database. The performance is progressed due to the nicely designed database. Protection of the machine is more desirable. Time is stored in file generation and it is straightforward to replace the info.


The system is proposed to have the subsequent modules:
1. administrator module
2. manager module
3. employee module
4. backup admin
Administrator module:
Administrator allocates voucher to managers and assigns certain records of prices incurred at the side of amounts to individuals. the administrator assigns a priority to every record this is generated. the administrator also can access voucher associated facts. admin generates reports based totally on records submitted by managers.
Supervisor module:
every voucher should start a brand new process instance (case). managers should be capable of view vouchers looking forward to their approval of their inbox via logging in to the software. worker has to be capable of track progress of his vouchers. at any factor within the workflow, managers ought to have the choice of rejecting any voucher mentioning appropriate reasons and controls the crew member’s get right of entry to the vouchers assigned. the supervisor has the permission to generate the reviews and update the information of group participants and may upload new members to the project.
Employee module:
based at the personnel department and designation, the vouchers ought to go with the flow to his supervisors for his or her approvals. the wide variety of approvals required will vary according to the overall amount of the voucher and approval limits set for supervisors.
Backup admin:
Returned up admin approach bills branch customers should be able to view approved vouchers for all employees and mark vouchers as paid. this step completes the lifecycle of the voucher and the associated method example.

Software Requirements:

Programming Language: Java
Web technologies: JEE (Servlets/JSP)
Front-end Design : Html, CSS, JSP
Database: MySQL / Oracle 10G
Scripting Language: JavaScript, Ajax
Operating System: Windows/Linux

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