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Friday, 2 February 2018

EMA Network Online

EMA Network Online

The present system EMA is a financialcompany. The EMA opportunity is designed in such a way, as to give the most financially incredible way of building wealth and assets. There has been one main focus for every thought that has been put into the construction of this opportunity, “EVERYONE SHOULD WIN”, not just the guy who came up with the idea.  
EMA is indeed a method of creating wealth. It will become as clear, that ones who share the concept the most, are the ones who will always receive the greatest awards.
Everyone who wants to win should be given the opportunity and he who wants to win most, should be awarded in proportion to their efforts. That chance is given here what you do it is up to you.
Existing System
In EMA process providing manual services to customer is cumbersome task. Manually registering the entire details of customer is a time consuming process and there is a possibility of mistakes.
Disadvantages of manual system
 Updating the database day-to-day is not possible.
 It is not easy to make total registration details within minutes.
 Searching out of data manually consumes lot of time.
Physical maintenance of records is not easy.
Problem Statement
Manually registering the entire details of each customer, calculating their bonus requires lot of time and the work can't be error free. Complete sequrity to the details of customer can't be given.                      
Proposed System
Computerizing the EMA in present days is very helpful. Computerization makes the job easier to handle than manual methods.
Advantages of computerized system
Physical maintenance of records is easy.
Good security can be provided.
Frequently data can be updated.
It saves a lot of time and paper work.
 Modules that are to be considered in this project are:
1.Registration module.
2.Process module.
 Registration module:
This module maintains log in details for each member and it also    maintains registration details for each member.
Process module:
In this module the system accepts the subscribers and treats them as ABM  and awards are allotted to them in each and every level. Each subscriber is having his own pool lot_no and cycle_no he/she will also get the cash prize based on pool lot_no and cycle_no. A unique code is allotted for them. This module maintains ABM details, QBM details, pool lot numbers,cycle numbers and bonus details.
Hard ware Specification:
Processor             :       Intel P-III based system
Processor Speed   :       250 MHz to 833MHz
RAM                     :       64MB to 256MB
Hard Disk            :       2GB to 30GB
Key Board            :        104 keys
Software Specification:
Language                   :       JDK 1.2
Database                    :        SQL
Webtechnologies           :        jsp,servlets
Operating System       :        WindowsNT/95/98/2000

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