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Sunday, 25 February 2018



Are you looking for an Electricity bill management system for your final year project? We are here to help you. You can contact us 
This system is named as Electricity Bill Management System. This system is made to keep the records about the bills of the customers.The admin can manage all the accounts and the registered users like employees and customers can only manage their own accounts. This system helps in maintaining the bills and the payments.
A different module is there for employees to check the customer’s details if their job requires. Admin, employees, and customers all have a different interface and different privileges according to their need.
Like a customer can only manage his account and cannot see any details of other customers, employees can see the details of all the customer’s accounts and admin can manage all the accounts including the customers and employees account.
This system also has the option for customers to pay their electricity bills by online mode. Either through internet banking or by debit card.
This system also has the feature to add and delete customer and employee’s accounts in case a customer wants to cut the connection or an employee wants to leave the job.
All the employees are divided into different departments according to their job profile and the customers are divided according to their wards. The rest of the modules are explained in the further sections with the detailed explanation.


Our system has only two main interfaces. One is for the admin and the other one is for the user, the here user can be a customer or an employee. Along with these, we have other interfaces which can be discussed as below:


After registration, one can log in the system as the end user of the system on the behalf of user. The user will get only those privileges which are given to the user for which one has registered.
For example, if a user has registered as a customer then the user only has the privileges to view the data and cannot make any changes to the data that is shown.


The user can be anyone either a customer or an employee. If the user is an employee then he can make changes to the data like adding units in the bill, used by a customer.
If the user is a customer then he can only see the details of his account, not of any other account. The customer can see the monthly usage of electricity and can pay the bill but cannot make any changes to the data.


This module can only have one account and this account has all the privileges which a user account might not have. First of all, admin account is created and then if the admin verifies a registering user then his account will be created otherwise not.


In this module, the customer can ask any query he has and his question with his details will be sent to the person who is managing queries and then he or she can reply the query of a customer.
Admin can also see any query made by the customer and can also reply to the customer.


In this section, all the employee’s details can be seen by the privileged user. All the employees are divided into different sections according to their job profile. Employees working in multiple sections might get repeated into the different departments.
Only admin has the privilege to make any change into any employees account.


In this, new customers can be added, monthly bills can be sent to customers account, any particular customer can be found using unique meter id and the remaining balance of a customer can be checked.


There are other various features that are provided in this attendance management system like updating result and checking result by the students. Paying fees either by online mode or by the offline mode.

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