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Friday, 2 February 2018

Electorate Conspiracy

Electorate Conspiracy

         The objective of the project is to develop a system that automates the processes and tasks at a collectorate office in a district. The purpose is to design a system that manages all the related information in a systematic manner. The system increases productivity and helps employees of collectorate to provide better services.
Existing system:
         In the present scenario all the information is maintained in files and ledgers. It is difficult to manage the data efficiently and it is often difficult to search and retrieve the necessary data. Data is often mismanaged and this leads to loss of data. People in need of services have to approach the office and get the things done.
Proposed system:
         The proposed system is a web based application. It stores the entire information in a centralized database. This makes it possible to manage the data efficiently and effectively. The system allows users to interact with the application and execute various operations, by providing well-defined interfaces. The system also allows generation of reports.
The system is proposed to have the following modules:
Administrator module
User module
Officer module
Report module
Administrator module:
         Administrator manages the entire application. Administrator is responsible to issue various certificates such as birth certificate, death certificate, income certificate, residence certificate, caste certificate and others. When a request is made administrator may either approve or reject. Administrator can also assign and allot works and tenders to contractors.
User module:
         Users include general public and contractors and people from other service sector. Users can apply for various certificates online and also view the status of request. Interested users can also view and apply for tender notices and similar announcements.                 
Officer module:
        This module can be used by police and other public sector departments. They can view the information for the details of citizens, to ascertain and verify personal details of users, in cases such as passport and certificate issues.
Report module:
         The administrator and officials can generate various reports based on various criteria as and when required.
Technology                                       : Java, J2EE and Struts     
Web Technologies                           : Html, JavaScript, CSS
Web Server                                        : Tomcat 5.5
Database                                            : Oracle 9i
JDK Version                                      : JDK1.5
Pentium processor         :     512 MHZ
RAM Capacity                   :     1 GB
Hard Disk                         :     20GB
CD-ROM Drive                 :     32 HZ
Keyboard                           :    108 Standard
Mouse                               :    Optical
Monitor                              :    15’’ Color

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