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Friday, 2 February 2018

Education Management System Abstract


The summary of Education Management System is to augment a system that automates the overall process that usually takes place at a university or at an academic institute. The goal is to design a machine that allows a person to perform operations efficiently. The system can be used by one of the types of user types.

Current Application:

Within the existing system, a student must recognize the method the institute or university has about guides and other information. After enrollment, the student must apply the technique to the government and the university for different assignments and information. The university has to interact with the officers to get information about the lessons assigned to them. The corporate houses want to design the Institute to inform the vacancies. All the facts are dispersed in various departments and entities involved.

Proposed Application:

The proposed application is a fully Internet-based application and maintains a centralized repository of all associated information. The device can be accessed by multiple users including students, teachers, authorities and company managers with the correct authorizations. Users can obtain information for information through highly defined interfaces. It is feasible for the correct renewal of the facts and the consistency and integrity of the statistics can be guaranteed.


1. Administrator module
2. Scolar/Student module
3. College module
4. Company consumer module.
Administrator Module:
This module features administrator-related features. The administrator can add, delete, edit and think about the details of college students, universities, publications, departments and other data. The administrator accepts or rejects the registration of multiple users. The administrator can also generate reports primarily based on unique criteria.
Student module:
A student must be registered to enter the machine. A student can view course information and log in to obtain an address. A student can also apply online for exams. A student can see assignments and send responses.
College/School Module:
A college must be registered in the system. A college can see the assigned course periods. A college can locate tasks for academics and evaluate solutions presented to college students. All of these statistics are stored in the database.
Staff module:
The device keeps company agency information fascinated by providing opportunities for academics through campus locations. The gadget continues the list of all corporate sectors and also features the facilities to register on this site. Students and colleges, in addition to administration, can view records about all sectors of the company and guide their students about the needs and needs of job placements.

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