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Friday, 2 February 2018

Education Based Software

Education Based Software

The main aim of this product is to change the school management system from manual work to a complete web based system and a complete school Erp or smart card based school management system and to have a comprehensive academic automation system.
EDUCATION SYSTEM:                                     
Every System follows the structure. It’s structure defines how the system moves in a efficient way.
"EBS" - is complete Education Base software for all type of educational institutes. The Software is designed and developed keeping in view the requirement and comfort of School Management body as well as operators and users of this software. The software is well equipped with security and data validating features.

The power of this software lies in its easy to use approach and user friendly atmosphere. This software makes your working smooth while saving about 90% of manual work, resulting into a hassle free and paper less Management.
Education concerns providing knowledge and understanding to young people and students, as well as guiding them through the learning process. It is an essential factor in the success of a community. A society that has well-educated citizens has the potential of excelling.
Student Management.
Salary Management.
Fee Collection.
Accounts Management.
Time Table.
Multi User environment.
Maintains Security.
Session Closing.
Data backup Facility.
Graphical User Interface.
The software must be modular as below :
The School Management software has 5 modules.
Ø  Student
Ø  Teachers
Ø  Principal
Ø  Administrator
Ø  Parents
1. The student, Teacher or the administrators can view of access the information virtually from anywhere in the university promises.
2. The Teachers have the flexibility of providing the student with all that material and information that is necessary.
3. The information related to exam and assignments are ported at the convenience of the Teachers.
4. The students can gain on hand information related to the examination and assignments on which he need to get scheduled.
5. The students need not shuttle themselves around the administrative office for the sake of examination or fees payments information.
6. The information can be managed in a standardized database, which can always serve the process of search much easier and faster.
7. The students can also avail their examination results through the systems itself.
Software Hordware Requirements:
Software Requirements:-
1.Java , JDK1.4 
3.Tomcat 1..5.5
Hardware Requirements:-
P4 processor 
128 MB RAM
Windows Xp or Windows 98

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