ECE DSP DIP Matlab Projects

ECE (DSP & DIP) Matlab Projects List.
These are the below ECE simulation projects developed with matlab software. List of Digital Signal Processing DSP and Digital Image Processing DIP projects mentioned below are for B.Tech & M.Tech Students.
  1. EMD based Temporal and Spectral Features for the Classification of EEG Signals Using Supervised Learning 2015
  2. Low-Complexity SIC Detection Algorithms for Multiple-Input Multiple-Output Systems2015
  3. Counting and Classification of Highway Vehicles by Regression Analysis 2015
  4. Particle filter framework for salient object detection in videos 2015
  5. The Mesh-LBP: A Framework for Extracting Local Binary Patterns From Discrete Manifolds 2015
  6. Weighted Guided Image Filtering 2015
  7. Undersampled Face Recognition via Robust Auxiliary Dictionary Learning 2015
  8. Texture descriptor based on local combination adaptive ternary pattern 2015
  9. Similarity Validation Based Nonlocal Means Image Denoising 2015
  10. Automatic Color Inspection for Colored Wires in Electric Cables 2015
  11. Efficient Road Detection and Tracking for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle 2015
  12. A Methodology for Extracting Standing Human Bodies From Single Images 2015
  13. Label Image Constrained Multiatlas Selection2015
  14. Robust Estimation of Non-Stationary Noise Power Spectrum for Speech Enhancement2015
  15. A Simple Model of Speech Communication and its Application to Intelligibility Enhancement2015
  16. An Overview of Noise-Robust Automatic Speech Recognition2015
  17. Phase Estimation in Single Channel Speech Enhancement Using Phase Decomposition2015
  18. Coupled Dictionaries for Exemplar-based Speech Enhancement and Automatic Speech Recognition2015
  19. Image Restoration Using Joint Statistical Modeling in a Space-Transform Domain2015
2014/13/12/11 Projects
  1. Assistive clothing pattern recognition for visually impaired people
  2. A touch less finger Analysis and comparison
  3. Artificial intelligence in medicine
  4. Recognizing Surgically Altered Face Images UsingMultiobjective Evolutionary Algorithm
  5. Compressing Stereo Images Using a Reference Image and the Exhaustive Block Matching Algorithm to Estimate Disparity between the Two Images
  6. Color Local Texture Features for Color Face Recognition
  7. Non Blind Multiplicative Watermarking using 2D-DWT
  8. contourlet transform based watermarking for colour images
  9. Face Recognition Using Discrete Cosine Transform for Global and Local Features
  10. A two-phase face recognition method in frequency domain
  11. Comparison of iris Recognition Algorithms
  12. Daughman’s algorithm method for IRIS Recognition – A Biometric approach
  13. Eigenface and SIFT For Gender Classification
  14. Adapted approach for fruit disease identification using images
  15. Medical image authentication using ROI
  16. A use manual of shapelet
  17. Various Edge detection methods in Image processing using MATLAB
  18. A support vector machine approach for object based image analysis
  19. A novel technique for image steganography based on Block-DCT and Huffman Encoding
  20. A New Secure Image Transmission Technique via Secret-Fragment-Visible Mosaic Images by Nearly Reversible Color Transformations
  21. A DCT Approximation with Low Complexity for Image Compression
  22. A New Filter for Removal of Salt and Pepper Noise
  23. A New Retrieval Method Based on YUV Color Information for Digital Libraries
  24. Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR): A State-of-the-Art Review
  25. Data hiding using Steganography
  26. Dual Transform Based Steganography Using Wavelet Families and Statistical Methods
  27. Effective Watermarking Algorithm to Protect Electronic Patient Record Using Image Transform
  28. Evaluating Image Steganography Techniques: Future Research Challenges
  29. Hiding Secret Image in Video
  30. Image Compression Using Lifting Based Wavelet Transform Coupled With SPIHT Algorithm
  31. Image Retrieval using Both Color and Texture Features
  32. Image Steganography in DWT Domain using Double Stegging with RSA Encryption
  33. Multi Secure and Robustness for Medical Image Based Steganography Scheme
  34. Performance Evaluation of Traditional And Adaptive Lifting Based Wavelets With SPIHT for LOSSY Image Compression
  35. Properties of Digital Image Watermarkingr
  36. Robust Watermarking Of AES Encrypted Images For DRM Systems
  37. Securing Information Using Steganography
  38. Security Attacks on the Wavelet Transform and Singular Value Decomposition Image Watermarking
  39. Speech Steganography using LSB coding analysis
  40. SPIHT Algorithm Combined with Huffman Encoding
  41. Voice Verification System Using Wavelets
  42. Phase adaptive super resolution of mamo graphic images using complex wavelets
  43. Image quality assessment based on multi scale geometric analysis
  44. Image segmentation via spline regression
  45. Morphological Background Detection and Enhancement of Images with Poor Lighting
  46. High Resolution Cerebral Blood Flow Imaging by Registered Laser Speckle Contrast Analysis
  47. Scanned Compound Document Encoding Using Multi scale Recurrent Patterns
  48. Tracking and Activity Recognition Through Consensus in Distributed Camera Networks
  49. Turbo Pixel Segmentation Using Eigen-Image
  50. Image Segmentation by MAP-ML Estimations
  51. Fast Query for Exemplar-Based Image Completion
  52. Phase Adaptive Super Resolution Of Mammography Images Using Complex Wavelets
  53. A Fast Multilevel Algorithm For Wavelet-Regularized Image Restoration
  54. Morphological Background Detection And Enhancement Of Images With Poor Lighting
  55. High-Fidelity Data Embedding For Image Annotation
  56. Automated Estimation Upper surface of the diaphragm estimate using 3D CT Images
  57. Automatic Exudates Detection from the eyes of Diabetic Patients
  58. Image retrieval using Color, Texture and Shape
  59. Face Detection Using Ada boost algorithm
  60. Color Image Segmentation
  61. Boundary Detection in Medical Images Using Edge Following Algorithm Based on Intensity Gradient and Texture Gradient Download Features
  62. Multichannel Image Registration by Feature-Based Information Fusione