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Friday, 2 February 2018



The system aims at the maintenance and management of the different accommodations that are available in the different parts of the world. It mainly takes care of the resort management at the core area of the database. The system provides the information regarding the different resorts that are available and their status specific to availability.
 The guests can visit the site and register themselves with the required information that is expected by the system. Each registered guest can raise a request for the unit bookings. The Guests are scheduled with the information of the availability of the units for they have requested the time. The system totally built upon the standards of Three Tier Architecture with Client, Business and Data Tiers associated as separate layers, with specification to high cohesion and loose Coupling Standards for easy maintenance.  
Existing System
Present system is presently is an undeveloped form and the manual process of the overall system is too clumsy and complicated. The clients in the real time consultancy system can be too thick and may need many resources to be used upon the system. If the system is developed, in a distributed over interface with centralized database is the only solution.
Proposed System
 The Automated system with 3-tier architecture can support issues like.
ü The system maintains the different location that is available and registered in a central DB, which   leads easy accessibility and consistency.
ü Each Accommodation available units and all the unit facilities are also available at the click of a mouse.
ü The registration of new guest is online house new guest can make them they convenient for registration process on the basic of 24x7x326days.
ü The Units can be booked by the registered guest irrespective of the Geographical barriers.
ü The Guest are provided with up to minute information related to the unit availability and their status. From their convenient place.
ü The decision process in more fasts and more consistent.
The guests have information at their demand related to any unit status of their own unit booking status.
Scope of the System
In the proposed system, Administrator is the whole and sole, who is adding the resorts, locations in the system manually. In future it can be enhanced to be a distributed communication medium to access the information about resorts, hotels etc.. throughout the world. We can also implement internationalization (i18n) to support user interface in various/local languages.
Module Description
Number of Modules:
1. Accommodation Information Module
2. Units Information Module.
3. Bookings Information Module.
4. Guests Information Module.
5. Facilities Information Module
ACCOMMODATION INFORMATION: This module maintains all the details of the Accommodation location that are available and the units that are available under each location along with their reference unit types.
UNITS INFORMATION: This module maintains the information regarding all the units that are registered as per specifications and their reference unit types. The module also takes care of the system from the unit facilities and reference unit facilities that are available.
BOOKING MODULE: This module maintains the information of all the booking of the units, as pet the guest requirements, it interpolate itself with the units station database and the specific registered guest who have raised the demand upon the booking.
GUEST MODULE: This module maintains the overall activities through which a guest is uniquely registered is the domain the module interpreter with the specific gender status and also centrally sets with interpretation through booking and registry to unit status.
FACILITIES MODULE: This module maintains the overall activities in the facilities that are available are provided fn all or some of the specified units. This module helps in registering the reference unit facilities that may creep in into the system from time to time.
Administrative View
Guest View
Administrative View
This view is designed for interacting with the absolute Meta Data, which becomes the ultimate repository to maintain the consistency.
This view is accessible only to registered administrators who are recognized by the Watershed Development central Administration Department.
Guest View
 In this view the guest can view complete details of available accommodation list information.
Features to be implemented

  • Session management
  • Connection pooling
  • Normalized database
  • Prevention of duplication login
  • Design patterns
  • Three-tier architecture
  • Maintainability
  • Easy deployment with Ant script.
  • Exception handling
  • Client-side validations
Technologies to be used
Web Presentation: HTML, CSS
Client – side Scripting: JavaScript
Programming Language: Java
Web based Technologies: JNDI, Servlets, JSP
Database Connectivity API: JDBC
Build Tool: ANT
Debug Tool: Log 4J
CASE tool: Rational Rose, Visual Paradigm, Enterprise Architect
Backend Database: Oracle/SQL Server/MY SQL/MS Access
Operating System: Windows XP/2000/2003, LINUX, Solaris
J2EE Web/Application Server: Tomcat/Weblogic/Websphere/JBoss/Glass Fish
IDEs: Eclipse with My Eclipse plug-ins/Net Beans/RAD
Browser: IE/Mozilla
Hardware requirements
Pentium processor            --------                        233 MHZ or above
RAM Capacity                     --------            128MB
Hard Disk                            --------             20GB
Floppy disk                        --------               1.44 MB
CD-ROM Drive                   --------             32 HZ
KEYBOARD                         --------              108 Standard

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