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Friday, 2 February 2018

E - Wheelz

E - Wheelz

E-Wheelz software is a globally deployable, integrated, workflow based end-to-end system starting from searching bus routes to book them online. This is a complete application for travelers as well as venders. Vendors provide the information like, available routes, timings, price, etc. Customers can book a ticket which is a five step process that includes Search Bus, Select Bus, Select Seats, Provide Customer Information and Make Payment.  This application also provides facility to cancel a booked ticket online. There is also scope to measure the user satisfaction regarding the entire booking process. He can express his views or grievances through testimonial option in the application so that it reflects the goodwill of the travel company and helps other users to have trust in the company.
Existing system:
Here the existing system is a manual one. When a customer wants a book a ticket for his journey then he needs to go to any booking branch office physically and book the ticket. In this case the branch people needs to check the available seats by making a call to main office and then only these people can book ticket which leads to improper synchronization between the branches. We can maintain all the booking details in a record at very branch  but finally checking the availability and allotting the seats may cause some human errors. It is very difficult to maintain the booking details of each bus and their status manually.
  • Difficulty in co-ordinating different branches and allotting the seats
  • Customer has to come and book the ticket physically which gives competitors to grab the market
  • Difficulty of maintaining each bus booking details in record.
  • Difficulty in generating the reports
  • Difficulty in canceling the ticket.
  • Difficulty in providing user-friendly information to the customer
Proposed System:
The eWheelz is to replace the existing manual system with a online software solution using which provides lot of flexibilities for the customers from online. Customer can book ticket according to his requirement by viewing different different buses information and their seat arrangements on the console very easily. It fills the gap between different branches and provides effective synchronization between them. It allows the customers to post their feedback which will be displayed as testimonial.
The proposed system has one administrator to manage the routes, buses and their schedules. He can have the permission to control the overall activities of this application 
 Merits of This System
Faster processing when compared to existing one.
Centralized system
Provides convenient way for the customer to book required seat as per their convenience and cancel the ticket also.
Providing good co-ordination between different branches.
Administrator can view reports any bused at any point of time.
Easy maintenance of booked, blocked and vacant details info
Avoids human errors
Provides the facility to print the ticket.
Number of Modules
The System after careful analysis has been identified to present with the following modules.
Admin Module: This module deals with the functionalities of administrator that includes addition or cancellation of travels, addition or cancellation of routes etc. Mainly this module covers the two issues. One is routes information and the other one is travels information. All the routes details, adding or viewing the routes will be included in this module. All the travels information, buses which are available in the corresponding travels, pickup points, travels code, bus details, passengers and the seats information, all these details will be included in this module. Only administrator user can perform all these functionalities.
Bookings and Cancellation Module: This module deals with the most crucial part of the tool that includes the following functionalities
Search Routes
Select Bus
Select Seats , Pickup point
Provide Customer Info and make payment for booked tickets
Print booked ticket details
Ticket cancellation
All the routes searching information, buses selection process, selection of seats, pickup points, details of payments all these information will be included in this module. Only normal user can perform the above tasks.
Users Module:
This module deals with functionalities provided to all users like provide testimonials and view testimonials. If the user wants to give suggestions and any complaints then he directly go to the testimonials button which is available at the top of the screen. In that place he can add the testimonials, and he view all the testimonials which are posted from the users will be displayed at the same screen. These testimonials information will be stored in the database. All the information will be included in this module.
Required Hardware
Pentium IV processes architecture
1.    512 MB RAM.
2.    40 GB Hard Disk Space
3.    Ethernet card with an Internet or Internet zero.
Required Software
Database      : MySQL 5.0
Server          :  Apache Tomcat 4.1
Front end     : JSP / Servlets, J2SDK 1.4, HTML, DHTML, Java Script

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