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Wednesday, 14 February 2018

E-learning community

E-learning community

    This Project discusses the development of Online Learning System. Primarily focusing on the analysis and design phase involves. Online Learning System is a web-based, rich-internet application where its major function is to provide an online learning and teaching session, to be used either as supplement or substitute to normal face-to-face, classroom based, teaching and learning activities. Among the features provided by the system are audio, and video streaming capacities, text-based messaging, lecture slides viewing and naviging. The system will be developed as universal system using application development tools such as Macromedia Dreamweaver MX and Macromedia Flash MX.
     The Online Learning System (OLS) has many advantages for the students and as well as the lecturers, and proves to be truly giving the end users a clear and interesting way to learn and teach.
     One of the main advantages as any OLS would prove to have is the wide area access to provide. That is the students and lecturers may be anywhere in the world but still managing to access the resources and information from anywhere.
     Another advantage would be the close and easy interaction between the students themselves and the lecturers. The lecturers may post assignments, forums, notes and many other forms of material without even arriving to the University.
      The purpose of system analysis is to know the system requirement and specification before system development start. It is very import because the developer will get a clear view of the system that is going to be developed. It is also to increase productivity by making less error because of careful planning.
    The Scope in this chapter will cover the system requirement of the system. This is really important because a developer have to know the requirement of the system first, without knowing the requirement it would be likely that developer will make a lot of mistake and the proposed system may not follow the requirement needed to run the software. Process modeling, logic modeling and concept modeling will also included in this chapter.
Existing System
       This section will discuss review three existing system that is Unitar e-learning community, Multimedia e-learning campus and E-learning University Technology Malaysia. Their respective functionality, advantages and disadvantages will be discussed and comparison with exiting system and proposed system.
Proposed System
      Online education is defined as the creation and proliferation of the personal computer, the globalization of ideas and other human acts, and the use of technology in exchanging ideas and providing access to more people.  Audio, video, computer, and networking technologies are often combined to create a multifaceted instructional delivery system. The fundamental method to unite the distance-learning instructor with the distance learner is the network.  we proposed in our system even we have the existing system because the new system is very simplicity, easy to access, attractive web page, and includes some animation elements such as audio, video, animation graphics, user friendly, can log in anyway/anytime, user can easily learn the functions of its buttons, student not in IT field also can use the this easily without any problem and so on. We included these kind elements because the student will enjoy and interest to using the system.
Software/ Hardware Requirements
Hardware Requirements
•   System                       : Pentium IV 2.4 GHz
•   Hard Disk                  : 40 GB
•   RAM                           : 512 MB
Software Requirements
•   Operating system     : Windows XP Professional
•   Technology               : Microsoft Visual Studio .Net 2008
•   Coding Language   : C#
•   Front End                  : ASP.Net
•   Back End                   : SQL Server 2005
Modules and its Description
  1. Administrator
  2. Student
  3. Lecturer
    Administrator will control the student and lecturer modules. He use to recruit the staff and assigns the schedules to them and students
  He use to register for the course, selects the lecturer whom he wants. He use to clarify his doubts.
   He uses to clarify the queries of the students. Take classes for students.

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