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Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Dynamic Survey Application Designer

Dynamic Survey Application Designer

Objective: Full-featured Survey System enabling you to create surveys on the fly; a reporting tool that generates attractive, customizable reports, and dynamic filters that allow you to narrow results on selected criteria to facilitate analysis
Dynamic Survey Application Designer is a powerful ASP.NET code generator to create different types of survey scripts, these scripts can be easily be hosted on websites to collect public opinion.  It includes the code generator where in different questions can be created with different types of output to collect opinion from the public. The generated code can span over a single page of multiple pages.
DSAD takes Survey name, question (single question or matrix question), answer (includes answer type i.e. checkbox, radio button, dropdown list, text etc.), survey settings and security for the survey page and notification mode to the users. Based on the above input, code generator generates the code. After hosting this code on the web site, DSAD maintains survey statistics; based on the survey statistics it  generates the graphical reports.
One more advantage of DSAD is it allows to export the survey statistics to the excel file for further usage.
·        To create an instant Survey designer, which can create, scripts relative to the requirements
·        To create a code generator which will provide the designer code which can be easily hosted on web sites
·        To carryout survey on a global scale.
·        An engine powerful enough to carry out survey on issues without any irregularities.
·        A survey environment with major concentration on authenticity of the person without intervening personal aspects of any person.
·        Invite only a specific group of people to undergo survey.
·        The current technique involves designing a new Script and code the new script which will consume more time.
·        Every change in the situation requires reassessment of the existing engine and so modification to an existing content is not an easy process.
·        It won’t provide security, there by doesn’t provide accurate results.
·        Authenticity of the results can be questioned as a single person may undergo survey without any notification to the undertaking authority.
·        The designer should be flexible and should be made in a manner that it can be customized at any moment of time.
·        Should provide the feature of blocking the IP of person who has already undergone survey.
·        Should control the time given to the user to cast the vote or the vote will be discarded.
·        Take the help of cookies in case smart persons try to change IP’s and cast the vote to tamper the polling process.
·        Provide necessary styling procedures in order to make the designer more interactive.
·        Provide the resetting and editing features to make it more generic.
DSAD is a powerful Survey Script designer that will let you create any survey in seconds. It is very easy to use and is composed of as many no of scripts as you desire. The form builder will provide different types of templates with which different types of interfaces can be created. For eg: on a specific question the question expected is a single one then set of option buttons can be selected on the template and if a set of answers are expected from the user or a considerable amount of text has to be provided by the person undergoing survey then set of checkboxes and textboxes can be selected form the template.
In all different types of templates can be opted to customize the different no of scripts based on the necessity.   This script can be used directly with the VS.NET visual designer or web matrix, however real questions / answers of your poll will only show up on a page served by IIS.
Global survey can be achieved with Web Surveyor. The designer can be used to customize the required scripts. The designer creates the scripts depending on the setting done.  The designer also creates the Html code which can be used to recreate the script on any website willing to host a survey environment.
The Survey hosted on any website can be controlled with the help of the settings done in web.config file. So where ever the survey is hosted the results can be made to be available in a centralized location.
The Script created can include the features such as following:
Ø Inserting line breaks between two set of question.
Ø Enable random selection of question.
Ø Enable branching of questions between pages.
Ø Enable submit of pages.
Ø Creating multiple section matrix of single selection matrix.
Ø Enforcing the selection to move forward.
Ø Activating and deactivating the survey between dates.
Ø Setting notifying when a survey is undertaken.
The template will provide the following options:
Ø Selection Mode (radio button, textbox, checkbox etc)
Ø Display Mode (vertical, horizontal etc)
Ø Number of columns.
Ø Randomizing order (Boolean value)
Ø Rating
Ø Min & Max Selection required.
Answer Editor towards question will provide following items.
Ø Answer text.
Ø Image URL.
Ø Type of field to be shown (email, calendar, text, xml item etc)
Ø Default selected value.
The created script can be copied and pasted on any webpage where the survey has to be hosted along with the registration code in the html window regarding the new controls used during the process of script display.
 The security aspect is covered with the help of below mentioned techniques:
Ø  IPBlocking (true / false) : Choose if you want to prevent visitors to vote twice on your poll. IPs will be recorded in the database
Ø   IPReleaseTimeOut : Number of minutes delay until a visitor can vote again if its IP has been blocked.
Ø  CookieBlocking  (true / false) : Set a cookie on the visitor browser to prevent double votes.
Ø  CookieReleaseTimeOut : Number of minutes delay until a visitor can vote again his browser has received a cookie.
Ø  ShowOnlyPercent (true / false): Select if you want to show detailed results or only results with percents.
Ø  HeadStyle : Set your own style for the poll header, for an example please check the preset code generated by the Web control generator or you can use VS.NET to create it.
Ø  FootStyle : Set your own style for the poll footer, for an example please check the preset code generated by the Web control generator.
Ø  QuestionStyle : Set your own style for the poll's questions cells, for an example please check the preset code generated by the Web control generator.
Ø  AnswerStyle : Set your own style for the poll answers cells, for an example please check the preset code generated by the Web control generator.  Etc
With the help of  above mentioned techniques the poll is made more secure and more authentic. Many other methods are underway to make WebSurveyor a successful engine and an unbiased manner to conduct survey at a global stage.
PIII    500MHZ or above
100MB Free Hard disk space
STD Color Monitor
Network interface card or Modem (For Remote Sources)
LAN Network (For Remote Sources)  
WINDOWS NT 4 | 2000 | XP | ME
Visual Studio .Net 2003 Enterprise Edition
Visual Studio .Net Framework (Minimal for Deployment) 
SQL Server 2005 Edition    

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