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Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Dynamic Query Forms for Database Queries

Dynamic Query Forms for Database Queries

Modern scientific databases and web databases maintain large and heterogeneous data. These real-world databases contain over hundreds or even thousands of relations and attributes. Traditional predefined query forms are not able to satisfy various ad-hoc queries from users on those databases. This project proposes Dynamic Query Forms, a novel database query form interface, which is able to dynamically generate query forms. The essence of Dynamic Query Forms is to capture a user’s preference and rank query form components, assisting him/her to make decisions. The generation of a query form is an iterative process and is guided by the user. At each iteration, the system automatically generates ranking lists of form components and the user then adds the desired form components into the query form. The ranking of form components is based on the captured user preference. A user can also fill the query form and submit queries to view the query result at each iteration. In this way, a query form could be dynamically refined till the user satisfies with the query results. We utilize the expected F-measure for measuring the goodness of a query form. A probabilistic model is developed for estimating the goodness of a query form in Dynamic Query Forms. Our experimental evaluation and user study demonstrate the effectiveness and efficiency of the system. Dynamic Query Forms for Database Queries
The system is proposed to have the following modules along with functional requirements.
  1. Query Form Enrichment
  2. Query Execution
  3. Customized Query Form
  4. Database Query Recommendation
  1.  Query Form Enrichment
1)DQF recommends a ranked list of query form components to the user.
2) The user selects the desired form components into the current query form.
  1. Query execution
1)  The user fills out the current query form and submit a query.
2) DQF executes the query and shows the results.
3) The user provides the feedback about the query results.
  1. Customized Query Form
They provide visual interfaces for developers to create or customize query forms. The problem of those tools is that, they are provided for the professional developers who are familiar with their databases, not for end-users. If proposed a system which allows end-users to customize the existing query form at run time. However, an end-user may not be familiar with the database. If the database schema is very large, it is difficult for them to find appropriate database entities and attributes and to create desired query forms.
4.Database Query Recommendation
Recent studies introduce collaborative approaches to recommend database query components for database exploration. They treat SQL queries as items in the collaborative filtering approach, and recommend similar queries to related users.

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