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Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Defect tracking system

Defect tracking system

Defect Tracking for Improving Product Quality and Productivity (DTS) is an automated system that can be useful to employees and the managers in any functional organization. DTS gives the facility to define the tasks in the organization and also allows the managers to track the defects spent by the employee for that particular task. A report generation facility is supported in DTS that allows the managers to analyze which are those skills by employee are utilized and those which are not utilized. This tool can help managers for defect estimation per component. This tool helps employees to document their defects and analyze 
This project aims at creation of a Defect Tracker System. This project will be accessible to all manufacturers and its facility allows manufacturers to focus on creating the database schema and while letting the application server define table based on the fields in JSP and relationships between them. This system provides the following facilities.              
The objectives of this system are:
  • To keep track of employee skills and based on the skills assigning of the task is done to an employee.
  • Employee does defect capturing. It can be done on daily basis.
Various Reports are generated by this System for an employee and as well as to a manager.
This system can be used as an application for the product based company to reduce the defects in product’s quality and productivity. User logging should be able to upload the information of the user.
The purpose of Defect Tracking for Improving Product Quality and Productivity is to provide better service to the administrator or useful for applications developed in an organization.
The Defect Tracking for Improving Product Quality and Productivity is a web based application that can be accessed throughout the organization. This system can be used for logging defects against an application/module, assigning defects to individuals and tracking the defects to resolution.  There are features like email notifications, user maintenance, user access control, report generators etc in this system.
Existing System
The Current System is a computerized system but which is maintained at individual databases. The system doesn’t provide complete online services like online reports, and centralized database.
Proposed System
The Proposed system is a browser which is completely related to online system, which provides the centralized database. It stores defects data and description of the particular defect data. It can also create Excel reports and PDF documents based on the information in its database.
1) Employee Module:
This module is mostly targeted on the requirements of the employee, where the employee can view and update his performance. Some of the activities of an employee that were integrated in this module are. A Employee can register him self to the system. A employee can log in to the system. A Employee can change his password. He can update his profile, He can Update his Skills, he can prepare a schedule for his tasks, He can view the task status, He can change his manager.
2) Manager Module:
The manager modules deal with the roles of the manager which are integrated into the system. A Manager can do all the tasks that the employee can do in his module in addition to that some special tasks that a manager can do are Add/ Delete employees, Add / Delete tasks and View Bench.
Software Requirements
Operating System                     :                  Windows XP/2003 or Linux/Solaris
User Interface                          :                  HTML, CSS
Client-side Scripting                 :                  JavaScript
Programming Language            :                  Java
Web Applications                      :                  JDBC, JNDI, Servlets, JSP
IDE/Workbench                        :                  Eclipse with MyEclipse Plug-in
Database                                  :                  Oracle/Access
Server Deployment                             :                  RetHat JBoss AS
Hardware Requirements
Processor                                  :                  Pentium IV
Hard Disk                                 :                  40GB
RAM                                         :                  256MB

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