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Monday, 26 February 2018

Daily Expense Tracker iOS Application

Daily Expense Tracker iOS Application

An advanced iOS Daily Expense Tracking System app, helps you to maintain the record of incomes and the expenses on a daily basis. This application will allow you to see the income and expense chart in graphical format. This application makes it easy for the user by calculating the current income, expenses every day and giving a saving amount all on the homepage. This advance system calculates the last month savings amount and adds up to the next month income to maintain a well fledged record. The Daily Expense tracking application organizes and builds discipline on your daily expenses. It forces you to think about your money and act accordingly with your expense. The Budget planning feature will help you to plan a budget every month, and it will keep you alerted once overspend. It also helps you in knowing your spending habits and on what you spend too much or too little.

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