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Saturday, 3 February 2018

Customer Focused Ecommerce Site With AI Bot

Customer Focused Ecommerce Site With AI Bot

With over 80% of global consumers trying online shopping at least once, the greatest opportunity for e-commerce companies is to build a long-lasting and profitable relationship with this already existing audience. Such a strong relationship requires utmost focus on the customer as a whole and making sense of a flood of real-time information that goes well beyond demographics or shopping behavior. There are two entities who will have the access to the system. One is the admin and another one will be the registered user. Admin will add the product with its details such as product name, description, features, warranty, add on product and delivery date. Admin can also view and edit the product information whenever required. Admin can view all the order details and can also view the sales of the products. User need to register with basic registration details to generate a valid username and password. After login, user can view all the recommended products on the homepage compiled by system based on users information. User can select the desired product and view its details and add to cart if he/she wishes to buy the product. User can also ask queries to AI bot regarding any product details and the AI bot will return the query result in form of text to speech. After selecting the product, user can do payment for the particular product online. Users can view their order history of their purchased product.

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