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Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Crime Records System

Crime Records System

Crime Records System is intended to provide total computerized information system support for the work of the police. Its primary activities are not transparency-related, but help provide police officers with information on criminal cases and on criminals.
Crime Records System allow state and local criminal justice agencies (law enforcement, courts, corrections, and aftercare) to merge and share information. Development of systems that link these agencies can provide for greater access to accurate and complete information, contributing both to government efficiency and public safety.
Existing System
 Present Status of the system The present system is a manual procces.Numerous accounts are to be maintained.
1. Complaint details
2. Maintain Thieves Information
3. Forward Thieves Information to All Departments
4. Maintain Employee Details
The present system to be maintained deals with lots of paper information when any statistical analysis is to be carried out, for eg: a comparison of the past year’s performance with that of the current year. It is also laborious task of referring to many records books carrying out the analysis work.
ü  Lot of space is required to store all the details of the thieves and the complaint
ü  Tracking of  errors of their origin is difficult
ü  The process is very time consuming
ü  There is no security to the data
ü  Modification to the data requires searching through all the records and then making the relevant changes
Proposed System:        
Manual processing of data is very time consuming and leads to erroneous result at time. In order to over come these snags computers are being used extensively in all fields thereby minimizing manual labor error to a great extent.
Taking all the advantages involved in the computer system the proposed system integrates all the manual activities by linking them under a single head.
ü  Integrated criminal history records contain information that is critical to those working in the justice system.
ü  Crime Records  System is the most effective way to organize, track and access the vast amount of information that flows through  police department every day.
ü  It also envisages information sharing within the organization and across the States in the country especially the information on Crime & Criminals for effective working of Police. The application is mainly used by police department where the case details are taken in forms.
The entire Crime Records System is mainly categorized in to three modules according to their designation.
1.Authorized User
3.Centralized Administrator
Authorized User
To enter a new crime in to the application  the  authorized user need to login based on his/her id and password. During this process first on receiving a complaint the fir number and case details are filled in the form. And then details like name of the police station where case is registered, date, district, act and section need to be filled. Details of the complainant and their  personal information are also recorded. If it is property case ,then property details and its value need to be filled. Depending upon the case the forms are filled which are appropriate for the case. There exists some important forms in the application which helps for bringing complete details at one place and make easy to solve the case. In this module, authorized users can view the reports regarding all the case details based on the FIR number.
Senior officers in the police service could also use this system to monitor case details and progress. All of this affects the transparency of case handling, and the accountability of police officers.
The database can be accessed at a number of individual police stations through a computer network, thus assisting police officers in their investigations, for example to check a criminal's details during interrogation. A user-friendly interface has been developed that enables the system to be handled efficiently.
The main role would be in providing members of the public with disintermediated access to information on case progress via the Web without the need to have any contact with a police officer in case of general complaints where FIR is not required . There is a plan to take this disintermediation further by allowing online registration of cases.
In India, if a crime is committed, the victim (or a witness) must go to the police station where they live, and report the crime which is then said to be registered. The duty officer in the station fills in a First Information Report (FIR): a statement of details as recalled by the victim. Previously, this has been a paper-based process, and paper records were easily manipulated or lost. With this system, a victim could go to any police station (not just their local one) and the duty officer can register the crime direct onto the system.
Crime Records System contribution to transparency would arise from that fact that, once a case has been registered on the system server database it cannot easily be changed. The person who registered the case could also get access to case details and progress at any point, either by going to any police station and requesting an officer to access their case on this system, or by accessing their case details online via the AP Police Web site using an FIR code number that is issued at the time of registration.
Available case details would include the FIR, actions taken, actions pending, other crime details, etc. The victim could lodge a complaint if they see from accessing case details that the case has not been registered properly, or that there has been no progress made on the case since it was last accessed.
 Centralized Administrator
The entire database regarding the crime records system is being maintained under a single head. Centralized Administrator is responsible for managing all the details of the personnel i.e., information including the details of cops and civilians. Large number of case databases and all the reports of each case need to be stored and must be managed successfully. This is done by the centralized administrator. He is also responsible for updating databases regarding any crime details or any of the personnel’s profiles based on the requests received from the privileged users. Centralized administrator also deals with the managing the following reports:
General Complaint details
Acts and Sections
Court Disposal details
Case investigation details
Clearance applicants details.
Software and Hardware Specifications
Operating System   :    Windows XP professional
Technologies used :       ASP.Net2005
Back End Database:     SQL SERVER 2000
Processor                :        Intel Pentium IV 2.OGHz.
RAM                      :          512 MB
Hard Disk              :            40 GB

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