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Thursday, 1 February 2018

Creative Insurence System

Creative Insurence System

About Project
 The main theme of this project is automation of the Insurance      System and processes the all activities through on line. Herethemain advantage of this system is to access this databasglobally for authorized users.The customers pay their payment at any branch and also know their details at any branch. Here dynamically generated the reports like premium payments details, bonus details, due details.
The main advantages of this system are to reduce the time and also manpower. These two factors are very important to improve any organization. This system mainly concentration on these facto
 The main actors of this system are
The Second chapter explains the exact Definition of the Problem and evolves out   with the Feasibility Study of the product/part .The Third chapter is System Analysis which deals about the Hardware and Software Specifications, and Software Requirement Specification, under this SRS Formal Description and Module Description. The Fourth chapter describes the System Design, under this two levels of designs, they are
·         High level design (Data design, functional & interface design).
Low level design (Pseudo code & detail description of functions).The Fifth chapter fully deals about Testing and Implementation of the whole project .The Sixth chapter deals the Conclusion and Foreseeable Enhancements of the system. The Seventh chapter deals about the Bibliography of this Project.
Existing System
The Existing system is a not a computerized application using which the insurance company maintains all their business details at each and every branch individually that leads to co-ordination gaps between braches. If customer wants the information of a policy they must keep a request to the company people and get the information which is a time delay process. Maintaining all the company business transactions in excel sheets is a tedious process. If the company wants any record then they have to search all the records. The whole process is now manually controlled.
Limitations in Existing System
·  Maintaining the data in an excel sheets and files is very hard to remember the file names in which the required data is feed.
·  No easy access to the required queries.
·   Data redundancy, inconsistency, lot of human work need to be done in order analyze the details present in the excel sheets. It leads to wastage of time.
·  Calculations has to be done manually
·  Customers has to remember their premium dates and payment history
·  Agent has to remember their customers information
·  A customer can interact with insurance company through one branch               always.
·   New policies information has to send to different branches manually
·   Customer bonus has to be calculated and updated manually.
To overcome all these problems we need to develop a software system which tracks all the above activities. This system is very helpful to automate the entire Insurance system and also reduces the time and manpower.
Advantages over Existing Syste
Maintaining the business data effectively cross different Data redundancy, inconsistency, lot of human work will
1.      Calculations will be done automatically
2.      Customers can view their premium dates and payment history information from online.
This system provides a Common User Interface for the here the user interface is Graphical User Interface.
 This application is a Web based Application. a web based application it doesn’t require Being Agent can access his commission details interact with the system                            
The Proposed system is a software solution to overcome the difficulties in the exisiting system. It is an intranet and internet based application which helps both company people and customers to access the required information with in short time.The web enabled insurance policy management software solution system is designed to automate the entire operations of current generation insurance company. It allows multi-branches, multi-policy system handling that includes various Services. It provides effective co-ordination between different branches of the company. It allows authorized users to access the information according their role
Softwre Environment
·  Operating System         --                Windows 98/NT/2000
·  Browser                         --               IE
·  Web/Application Server --              Tomcat Server
·  Database                         --              Oracle
·  Database Connectivity   --              JDBC 
·  Java Technologies         --              Java (Servlets, jsp, javaBeans)
·  Scripting Technolo  --          Java Scrip
·  Pentium processor       --------              233 MHZ or above
·  RAM Capacity            --------                      256MB
·  Hard Disk                   --------              20GB
·  Floppy disk               --------                        1.44 MB
·  CD-ROM Drive         --------               32 HZ
 Modules Description:
The entire system is divided into 4 modules
The Chairman is the Super User of the System. The Chairman is responsible for the defining the Policies, Policies Terms and conditions, Policies Amounts, Face Amounts, Establishing the different branches, Registration of the Branch Managers.
The Policies Definition includes the Policy Interest Rates, Policy Bonus Rates, Policy Bonus Period , Policy Term.The Chairman also defines  the Policy Commission Rates  for the Agents who involves in the  Customer Policy Registration Process.
The Chairman is responsible for the Defines Policies and Schemes,Branch Establishments,Recruits Branch Managers,Defines the Policy Terms and Conditions,Defines the Policy Specifications
·   Policy Details
·  Branch Manager details
·  Agents Details
· Customer details
The Managers of the different branches recruits the Agents and also registration of customers. He is also responsible for   registration of Policies, calculate  the premium amounts, interests, dues, bonus and  also agent Commission. Bonus calculate based on the payment of premiums. The Manager also responsible for calculate the Agent Commission based on Agent performance.
The Manager is responsible for the
·   Manages the Agents
·   Customer Registrations
·   Customer Policy Registrations
·   Customer Premium Payments
·   Customer Bonus
·   Agent Commission
·   Policy details
·   Agent Commission
·   Customer Details
·   Policy Details
The main role of Agents is to registration of the
Customers. Agents just like a mediator between Insurance system and Customers. Based on their performance they will get commission. These systems provide a facility to Agents like to visible their Commission and also their customer details
The responsibilities of the Agents as follows
·  Involves in the Customer Policy  Registration Process
·  Agent Personal Details
·  Manager Details                                                                                                
The Customers are a main source of this system. Based on his interest and benefits, he takes a policy. Customers also take more than one policy based on their requirement. Here so many facilities are provided to the Customers, like their information visible on line, like premium dates, bonus dates, personal details, policy details.
The responsibilities of the Customers as follows
·   Customer Premium Dates
·   Customer Bonus Dates
·   Customer Personal Details
·   Customer Policies Details
·  Customer Premiums Details
·  Customer Bonus
·  Customer Premiums Dates
·  Customer Policy details
·  Customer Personal details
·  Policy Details
·  Customer Premiums Payments

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