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Monday, 19 February 2018

Counsulting Org

The Compliance services application is a web-based application for primarily providing Services to Companies who hire Consultants from vendors/suppliers. The main aim of this application is to Reduce Administrative costs by automating the workflow (via Web) taking place between the people on the Company-side and the people on the vendor-side and the hired Consultants.
This Application is useful for preparing the timesheets, which are entered by the consultants. Time sheet consists of company and project details and for each task like coding, design, testing, and documentation etc, the number of hours they worked throughout the week. Consultants having the permission to enter the time sheet. Also can check different types of reports based on project or client wise. These entered Time sheets can be approved or rejected by the manager (approver).this approving the time sheets is done by manager at the end of week by selecting option called week ending dates. At the manager’s login there are reports based on different search criteria. To maintain the details of users, projects, consultants, permission to login users and define the new roles can be done at administrative tasks. This application is maintaining three types of logins consultant, manager and administrator. Consultant can act as timesheet entry or expense sheet entry. Manager role is to approve the time sheet or expense sheet. And admin maintain all the details of consultants, managers, projects and roles. This reduces administrative costs for the company side.
Existing System:
Existing system has tracking of time sheet information manually. It is a laborious process to track the work done by each and every individual in the organization. Hourly tracking of work is not possible in this process. If the work has to be handed over to another person, keeping track of work done by the previous person and then tracking of task of the new person is a difficult job.
Further Drawbacks of the Existing System:
The following are the drawbacks of the existing manual System.
Time Delay: In the existing system, information related to all transactions is stored in different registers. Since all the transactions are stored in different registers it takes lot of time to prepare different reports.
Redundancy: As the information passes through different registers, each register is consolidated and sent to next register. So the same information is being tabulated at each register, which involves lot of complication and duplication in work, thus it causes redundancy.
Accuracy: Since the same data is compiled at different sections, the possibility of tabulating data wrongly increases. Also if the data is more, validations become difficult. This may result in loss of accuracy of data.
Information Retrieval: As the information is stored in the particular Format, it can only be retrieved in the same format. But if it is to be retrieve in different format, it is not possible.
Storage Media: In the existing system, data transaction being stored on too long registers it is very difficult to refer after some time.
Reports: At the various reports are tabulated manually.  They are not such
Attractive and require more time. They do not provide adequate help in maintaining the accounts.
Enquiry: Enquiry for different level of information is much more difficult. On
Line enquiry of data is not possible.
Proposed System:
This application is to design and develop online solution for tracking activities performed by various designations of people in a typical software development company. Current application implements the features like creation of time sheet, searching and modification of time sheet, approval and rejection/revoking of time sheet, user maintenance, administering users, roles, privileges, companies etc.
The Project Compliance services System is the web-based application, which deals exclusively the Time Sheet of the Consultant, Manager, Administration of the particular company. This project even deals with Expense sheet also , but presently we deal only with the Time Sheets of the employee or consultant worked on a particular project for a week. It basically list outs the Consultants, Projects and the Manager ‘s working for the Company and for which projects they are working for. It even ease the task of the company to review the work efforts of each employee for each work and even reveal the productive work done by them. The company can even assess the project status by looking at the Time Sheet globally, as the user can type his daily time sheet sitting at his place and logging into this site through net. Once the user (may be a Consultant / Administrator / Manager) logs on to the net and browse the site Compliance services and write the Time sheet daily or once in a week, that would be reflected to the database once in a week and that would be reviewed by his manager sitting any where and estimate the productive work done by him for the complete week. The company will be able to view the entire work done by the employees sitting anywhere on the net. Hence this project is very useful for every software companies; this project even involves a middle tier like a ebiz server which acts as a middle ware to the company. Once the user enter to into the site and logs on with his username and password and enters his time sheet for that day or he may enter the whole time sheet for a week, once the user enters for a week then only the data will be entered into the database through ebiz server, till then the data will be stored as an xml document on the server. Hence this is the mechanism involved in the project. It is very useful to the companies to maintain the information of the status of every projects and consultants.
The user can be logged on to this site in two ways either as a Administration / Consultant / Manager, hence the security privileges are accordingly distributed by the administration. As he has full-fledged powers, he is the one who sets the privileges to every user. Once user logged in is Consultant, then he will be able to access only the consultant time sheet, when the user is Manager he will be able to access only Manager time sheet. Once the user is Administrator he can access all the three modules Consultant, Manager, Administration. The Entire application can be divided into three modules. These are as follows:
1.     Consultant
2.     Manager
3.     Administrator
Once the user logged as an administrator, he will be driven to the screen where he will find two options One is Time Sheet and another one is Expense Sheet. When he clicks on the Time Sheet then he will shown with three options like Consultant, Manager, and Administrator.
1.     Consultant:
Once the User clicks on the Consultant, he will be viewed with four options. They are         
             Time Sheet Details
              Modify Time Sheet
             New Time Sheet
Time Sheet Details:
Once the user (Consultant ) clicks on the Time Sheet Details, he can view the Time Sheet of all the consultants present in the company. The Company can even look at each of the consultants time sheet and analyze the work status of each project undertaken them.
Modify Time Sheet:
Once the user clicks on the Modify option, then he can be able to search the consultant by the keyword/client wise / project wise / rejected / approved / error wise and make necessary changes if requires , by clicking on the  Modify option.
Search Time Sheet:
Once the user clicks on the search option, then he can be able to search the consultant by the keyword/client wise / project wise / rejected / approved / error wise.
2.     Manager:
Manager is the person who is some what a high personality in the hierarchy, where he can make comments on the work performance of his subordinates. Once the user clicks on the Manager option then he will be driven to the page with the following options.
             Manager Report
Manager Report:
When the user is manager then he can review the entire time sheets produced by the consultants or the employees, if he is satisfied by the time sheet produced by the consultant / employee then by clicking on the option Approve Time Sheet he can approve the entire timesheet of that particular consultant / Employee.
Once the user clicks on the search option, then he can be able to search the consultant/employee by the keyword/client wise / project wise / rejected / approved / error wise.       
3. Administration:
Administrator is the Key person to maintain the security of the project, he plays a vital role in assigning the user privileges. He even takes care of the entire site to run smoothly. Once the user clicks on the Administration option then he will be driven to the page with the following options.
            Create User
            Delete User
            Modify User
            Delete Time Sheet  
Create User:
When the user clicks on the Administration module the default page is User. Here the user is administrator so he can create the user names registered to the company with the username, password, full name and their designations.
Modify User:
When the user clicks on the Modify user then he can view the users of their user name with their passwords and he can modify password of the user.
Delete User:
When the user clicks on the option Delete user then he can delete user details.
Delete Timesheet:
When the user clicks on the option “Delete Time Sheet” then the administrator can delete all the information of their clients. The entire information of the client company is stored with their name, URL, their complete address and phone numbers.
Technologies            : ASP .Net and C# .Net
Database                   : MS-SQL Server 2005
IDE                             : Ms-Visual Studio .Net 2008
Processor                  : Pentium
RAM                           : 1GB

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